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An account of Random Fantastic Times

By @MindofRealms

CHAPTER 1 - Part 3

Jerry also felt very insecure, he was saving the only money he had left for if someone would be willing to stay in a hotel with him. He had some ideas of how to get in touch with someone and get help with his predicament; The City Chess Club, Food parks, etc. But what he really needed was to seek help from the spirits: whether good or bad spirits would help him, he didn’t know yet. But he felt he could trust any divine guidance better than the unfriendly, looking-at-you-like-the-worlds-ending, people of the City of Darkness. Jerry knew he needed to see the best view he could get of the forbidden part of the city. He knew that hanging around there would be the only way he could find a way in. He was curious as to what the metal structures were, one looked more like a tank…sort of. He felt very drained from today’s work. He thought it would be best to go check out the forbidden district, but he felt like seeing his friend, Drake, another man with similar living conditions to him. What have a got to lose? he thought “I can always study the forbidden district tomorrow.” He felt that it was time. It was 7;15 PM according to his watch, though he messed with the buttons many times, he couldn’t be 100% sure it was correct, most of the time because he had accidentilly managed to get the button pressed and then attempted to fix it. Wasn’t very helpful someone threw the manual in the trash.


Jerrry scanned the area, looking for a dark skinned man, Drake. He suddenly saw a booth at a corner in the eating room (chairs and tables). It said “Free Comics”. Jerry jogged over. He remembered seeing comics when he was a kid, as well as reading a few: Amazing Fantasy 15, Eternals #1 issue, Miles Morales Spiderman Collections, one thing he didn;t understand was where the comics were made. He was sure the city of Darkness was the biggest city with the majority of where they manufactured the products, so where had the comics come from. He noticed that the dates and other info, even the creators of the comics were white-erased, as if the distibutors had something to hide.

MEANWHILE…Animated Heaven…

Dark, red eyes, and a black face. The face of the Minimonster. It was time, he had been waiting for this moment. All these years he had worked under LORD Darkness. He would have the last laugh. Smeer the shame in the pathetic face of the people of Animated Heaven. They had no idea LORD Darkness had transcended from their Dark Realm, broke the fabric of reality, but not so much yet. Not enough that they could notice. That they could know. But soon, as they would assassinate the King of Heaven, the nature of the painless, perfect reality would shatter, unleashing the possibility of pain and suffering, changing the abilities and nature of the Kingdomites. If heaven could fall, what would happen to domains beneath it? The Minimonster rubbed the lighter onto his wooden torch. The flame lit up. He had scaly skin, all black. Four limbs. And a tail with a spike at the end. It was all like a computer game, their entry was merely a glitch, but the uncalculated bugs would result in drastic change.


Jerry ask Drake what was up.

“Just comics, man. I used to read them as a kid. I miss them.”


“We ever gonna find anywhere else to hang out?” Jerry asked Drake.

“I mean…” began Drake. “Where else would there be a roof to meet on.”

“Listen man.” Jerry began. “I used to have a friend who was a genetic schizophrenic. He had…epsiodes…he…”

“Hold up!” Drake interupted. “Wouldn’t it be cool to go to space?”


“Yes. Of course it would.” Jerry said. “So why ask?”

“We don’t have to be nobodies forever.” Drake said. “I have an idea.”

“I’m listening…”


“OKay, so Animated Heaven.”

A robot began to spray the air with toxic chemicals. Everyone who breathes begins laughing. A laugh comes over the loudspeaker.

“Breathe it in. HAHHAHA!”

A man floats through the air dressed in white. He wears a golden crown. He perches on a column of the temple.

“Who dares attack the sacred temple?” he yells.

“Oh yes, that would be me. Hahah!” said the Joker.


Jun had been flying on the Mabbird. He felt a little anxious because the last period of twenty minutes the Mabbird seemed anxious about something because he was flying in an unstable way. Jun was still enjoying it though. He had been gone for about forty minutes according to his watch. He remembered that he’d gone past the clouds ahead of him for about twenty minutes. He figured he’d see the city of Animated Heaven right after he passed the clouds blocking the view. Animated Heaven’s capital city was atop a mountain in which the top was made to support the city. So they basically didn’t build the city on the mountain but took away the chunk of the mountain so that the city could BE the top of the mountain, looking like it naturally sprung from the mountain itself. The Minimonster and the Joker in his Joker-mech had climbed up the mountain but from different sides . The Joker visibly climbed up the mountain from the back side and then revealed himself by openly walking into the city, protected by his mech he was controlling. The Minimonster, on the other hand, climbed up the least obvious side so he could get into the sewer that led to the palace, where he would assassinate the King. This was their plan. Joker would distract the people by unleashing his toxic laughing gas while the unnoticed Minimonster snuck into the palace from the sewer system, assassinating the King while the soldiers and guards were distracted. Although, Jun didn’t know all this. He passed over the cloud and saw what at first looked like the normal city. But he heard an unnatural sound that was hard to hear because of the wind blowing in his face.

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