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AMOUR: The eternal oath

By @l30n409

Heart heavy as leather

“This must be a joke, right?”

There was a deep silence after those words.

No one in this huge room could answer my question, or should I say, no one had the guts to say it.

I was boiling so much with wrath that I carelessly broke a vase of freshly cut red roses.

“I’m not fooling around, I will ask for the last time… IS THIS A JOKE OR NOT?!”

I then said, following the deed, while screaming my voice out.

I did not need someone to tell me. I already knew the answer; perhaps it is because I was in such vexation, and I could not bring myself to believe what I have just seen with my own two eyes, that I needed confirmation from a third party.

“Your Majesty, you might want to sit and relax before you hear this.”

The moment the female servant grabbed me by the wrist, I immediately hit her hard on her right cheek, with all the anger that was inside my body, causing her to lose balance and fall to her knees.

“I don’t remember permitting you to touch my body, I asked a very specific question, but it seems no one in this room is bright enough to know how to answer me… So I will repeat myself in simple words so you imbeciles can understand.”

I took a very deep breath after those words.

I was being too emotional. The servants were doing nothing wrong. If I was in their place, I would have stayed quiet too.

I needed to get ahead of myself; I knew that, but my anger and doubts were refraining me to do so.

After a few seconds that felt like an eternity of full silence, I began to speak again.

“SO… what’s that little sod doing in front of ME, the mistress of this house… And why is it that I saw her acting so intimate and affectionate with my husband? Can somebody explain?”

Another maid then begins to speak, while trembling like a leaf in fear.

“Your Majesty… I heard that little girl’s name is Aurora Monique-”


I said while screaming my soul out.

The small patience that remained deep inside me finally left my body faster than I could imagine.

I began to walk to the maid who had last spoken.

I then stopped for several seconds to take a closer look at her. She was shivering in fear, and her face became pale white while looking at the floor, frightened to look me straight in the eyes.

I smiled at her while taking her chin up, and then I forcefully grabbed her by her two cheeks with one hand, and the smiley expression on my face drastically changed.

“Did your brainless self think it was opportune to say that ****** name in MY presence? And, I’m pretty sure you must be half deaf or handicapped, I remember quite well asking what is she doing in MY HOUSE, I never asked who she is, and what’s her name… so, explain yourself, why I am you informing me things that I never asked, and do NOT care about?


She began to stutter so much I just got more annoyed than I already was.


Of course, she couldn’t respond.

What could she possibly say? “Your husband brought another woman as a concubine” I might have beaten her to death just by hearing the first word getting vocalized.

“I don’t know what she’s doing here, lady. All I know is her name and rank in nobility.”

She began to tremble more and close her eyes, unable to stand my stare.

“Then why did you speak?”

I questioned while leaving her face.

I took another deep breath, I then started walking towards the window, while turning away from all the servants in that enormous chamber.

“I want her out”

Another moment of suffocating silence.


The person who looks like the head maid said with a confused tone in her words.

“What do you NOT understand of this phrase? I said I want that little bugger, out of my residence”

“… I dared not defy Her Majesty’s words, but His Highness personally took that girl from the master. No one in this room, or this palace, would even think of daring to tell her something.”

“Are you saying… that her authority is stronger than mine, THE mistress of this palace? The ONLY wife of no one less of his majesty, the king?”

She flinched after hearing those words.

She couldn’t bring herself to say something. She didn’t have the right to say anything. Any answer that she could say would have been wrong, anyway.

“I didn’t mean to say such a thing. I was trying to say that his majesty’s words and behaviors are the absolute law and authority in this enormous palace and country.”

The royal family chose head maids for this role because of their expected calmness and sharpness compared to the other two.

However, that does not imply she’s able to calm a queen’s rage.


I screamed my lungs out.

“My words are also the authority, I AM the authority, I AM the law of this country”

I was becoming red from the anger, and my palms were getting sweaty.

I then sat down on the nearest chair and started to regain my composure and dignity in front of my servants.

“I don’t care if you take her by the hair, poison her, stab her, or torture her to death, get that woman out of my palace… Have I made myself clear?”

I said, after regaining my dignified and elegant composure.

“Now, you can all excuse yourself… I shall remain unattended ‘till I shall call on one of you”.

My request for everyone to leave my room did not require a repetition of myself.

I lay on the big royal queen-sized bed, I then raised my left arm and started looking at my ring finger.

Indeed, my wedding ring was fit for a queen — a 10.48-carat emerald-cut diamond ring—The center diamond is flanked by two baguette-cut side diamonds, and it cost around $38.8 million Sorue, I was the only one in this grand empire to have such a ring because it was crafted just for me, and it was made by the grandest artisans of these times.

“It’s unthinkable that he would leave me, his only wife for some random girl”

I expressed out loud without realizing it — I was in too much confusion to keep in mind what I was saying and what I was thinking — I then backed my hand from the sky and put it on my chest to feel it near my heart.

“Marcus, who’s that girl that you brought into our palace? And why did you look so happy while she was touching you so familiarly?” I had so many questions filled inside my head.

I did not want to go outside my room, If I did, I would have loosed my self-control and slapped that home wrecker.

I wanted to stay here — in my room, quietly without risking making a scene and deluding my husband’s high anticipations of me as his only empress — but my curiousness was killing me.

Knock Knock

“Your highness, may I enter?”

The banging in the door caught me so off-guard that I completely forgot what I was thinking not even a second before.

“You may enter”

I said with a composed voice while fixing my hair and putting a shawl over my nightgown to make myself look more presentable.

As soon as she comes inside my chamber, she instantly bows her head deeply, while waiting for me to say something.

“What makes you come here?” I say while sitting dignified on my mattress.

“Your highness, the emperor is asking for your immediate presence”

I flinched at the hearing of does words.

“What’s the issue? Why such an urgent call without forewarning?”

“I apologize, but I do not know such details”

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