Amie's Abduction

By @19vgrout

Amie's Abduction

By @19vgrout

Chapter 1


“Come on, now, don’t be like that.” He told me, as he twirled me around in a circle, making me giggle like a schoolgirl. “We have the whole world under our thumbs.” He pointed to the stars above us, where I saw a shooting star fly across the sky. “See? Even the stars are aligning for us. We’re meant to be together.”

In that moment, I didn’t know anything except the pure honesty of what he was saying. I looked up through my dark lashes, and met his vivid blue eyes with mine.

“Okay.” I said at last. “Let’s do it. Let’s leave this town, find a new place in the city, and start a new life. I want that.” I said. “I want you.

“Are you sure?” the joking from earlier had disappeared. “ Are you positive you want to go away from this?” He gestured to the woodland around us. It was our spot, and as far as I knew, no one else knew about it. That made it all that much more precious.

“Yes. I would go. I would leave the beauty of this for you.” I said, sure that my brown hair covering my eyes would hide the hesitation etched on my face.

I wasn’t sure what happened next. My vision was swimming. At the time, I thought that maybe I was too tired, and should probably try to get to bed earlier from then on.

“Amie?” He asked, as I my vision slowly got darker. Through my tunnel vision (my peripheral now gone.) I saw that he too, my Damian, was falling to the ground.

What was happening?

I tried to speak out for him, but I couldn’t make my mouth move to form any words. My sight now gone, I heard footsteps crunching through the crisp autumn leaves, and all was black.

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