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All the love she never gave

By @AlexanderBlake

Chapter 1

It was a cool autumn day, and the degrees of the thermometer announced the coming of winter. I was, as usual, with my gang wandering the streets, wasting time. We had a few places where we usually like to spend time, the main spot being an intersection, known as ‘The Corner’. It was a simple intersection, but for us it was a second home, where we felt the strongest. We’ve known each other for years, and we’ve been walking so many roads together that we have no one to trust more than each other. We were all high school students in different classes, but inseparable in our free time. I’ve never been good at socializing, but with them I could have been myself.

I was walking in front of the gang, as I often did before, and at the corner we met some friends from a different neighborhood. We greeted each other’s and shook hands while exchanging pleasantries. What I did not notice before is that there were two girls behind them that I had never meet before. When I saw her everything around me began to move in slow motion. The world was no more than a mass of diffuse colors. Around me everyone started chatting, but my eyes saw no one else but her. She had the kind of beauty that did not stand out, like a non-polished diamond. Her brown eyes sparkled playfully, but also had a certain sadness, that at that moment I didn’t knew where it came from. She was wearing that kind of overcoat that looks very good on the tall people and which, despite her small height, was wearing it in a very stylish fashion. On her head was a gray hat and at the neck, matching the coat, a scarf.

Our eyes met and she looked away and deepened in her scarf. I watched her leaving as she came, at the back of the group with her friend next to her.

– Hey! What are you doing? You’re coming or not? Mark asked me while I was still watching her leave.

– Yes! Who was that girl?

– Who? Lory? Or her friend?

– The girl dressed in gray.

– It’s Lory, my classmate. I do not know her friend, but I think her name is Andreea. I thought you knew my whole class! 

– I thought so, too!

Mark was a tall, solid, very charismatic boy with no deduction skills. John’s abilities, however, were surpassed only by his vile temper and his ability to lie with a smile on his face. Chris completed the gang his agitated personality, his inexhaustible energy, and the smile he was always wearing. If I were to classify my friends by the animal kingdom, Mark would be a panda bear, John a cunning fox, and Chris a smiling jackal.

– I think someone fell in love! John said in a mocking tone.

– When do you plan in holding the wedding? Chris asked.

– I’m going to be your best man! You’ll have the best bachelor party.

– Easy guys, calm down! I was just curious who she is.

– Oh! Sure! We believe you!



After a few days I started talking with her online. I can’t remember how or who started the conversations, but were the most natural conversations that two people can have. I was thrilled to be able to talk to her normally, and not being rejected as it had happened many times before. A girl like her talking with someone like me? I felt the luckiest man on earth. We started talking even more often until I got to talk with her every day and we even changed phone numbers. I saved her as “She” in my phone for those around me to not realize who I’m talking with and I saved her number, slightly changed into a virtual contact named “Lory”. We spent hours talking about everything, and we’ve seen each other several times in various situations. I say various situations because I used any occasion and I used any excuse to see her. Shortly after I met her I found out that she went to a painting course with other girls I knew. I managed to use this knowledge to see it a few times at the galleries organized by her group or after classes when she went out with the girl I knew. It was wonderful! But the dream vanished one day. Two months after the day I saw her for the first time, I was with the boys in one of our usual places.

– Hey, have you heard who is Nick dating? asked Mark.

– Yeah, it’s that slender girl from science class, John said. Everybody knows. She is the first girl to date him who looks a little decent. Do you remember that fat chick with dandruff who spitted when she spoke?

Chris, wearing his typical smile, began to giggle.

– Yes, he said, “La Fontaine”!

We all started to smile.

– Remember her? It’s the nickname John gave her after she spited all over him trying to explain why it isn’t a good idea to smoke. She was the filthiest creature on a distance of five blocks and held lectures about health.

At that moment we began to laugh like crazy.

– Let’s get back to the main topic, Mark said. Nick broke up with the girl from the science class a week ago to go out with whom do you think?? … With Lory from my class!

– I don’t believe you! I said a little too vehemently. Nick with Lory? He is not good enough for her. And in addition, Lory is a head taller than him. Why would she date mini gangster whose height is a meter and a hope?

– I do not know what she saw in him, but I assure you that the information is true. Lory herself told me today.

– How do they know each other? Since he had that quarrel with John, Nick hasn’t leaved the house. And they do not both learn at the same high school. They had no way of knowing each other.

– Lory told me he contacted her on the internet, two weeks ago. At first she was not interested in him, but with time she began to realize what a good guy and what a gentleman he is.

– Like hell! shout John. Nick is nothing more than a liar and a fake. I bet that the clock with which he boasts so much is won at the carnival.

– Don’t jump at me, I didn’t say that. Lory did. Anyway no one thinks his watch is worth a thousand euro.

I, Mark, Chris and John formed the main group. We were inseparable! We were doing almost everything together, but our group of friends was much bigger. Most often, our group had about ten people. Since John and Nick were ****** on each other they were often forced to bear one another since Nick was one of us.

The news that Lory was seeing one of my friends got me hard. What really devastated me was the realization that, in her eyes, I’m not unique. She spoke with Nick for two weeks and I didn’t know a thing… Nothing! She probably was talking with others too. I was a fool to think that I was the only one who noticed her beauty, that she was only talking to me and that she was thinking only of me. I know it sounds selfish what I say, but until that time I thought I was something special between us, something that none of us had the courage to say. When I heard about her and Nick, I realized how wrong I was.

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