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All The Little Things

By @Snake-of-Eden

All The a little things.

Note for musician: Key signature unknown. Chords c, d, b flat, c. Bridge, inverse s of the d and e chords. Consider inversions of the main progression, even for the bridge.

Verse one.


I clung to your world.


To the beginning and the end.


But for all I cried out to you.

  Bflat.            C

Did you ever really see me?

  Bflat.    (Slide )    C

Was I talking to myself?


Chorus one.

C.      D

All the little things,

      Bflat.      C

Went right to my soul.

    C.          D

Where I keep you safe.

    Bflat.      C

So you can not hurt me.

       C.       D

But for all the ********,

      Bflat.     C

It was all just the same.

     Bflat.    C

We’re we both to blame.

C (slow strum.)

For all the little things. (Rest)

Verse two.


So you held onto me,


While I slipped through your fingers.


I’d already given up,


The hope you’d ever hear me.

          D.            C

When the love was one sided,

       D.       C

Your attention divided.

     Bflat.                    C

You broke my heart. (can’t you see?)


Chorus two.

C.      D

All the little things,

      Bflat.        C

Went straight to my head.

           C.        D

Where they build their homes,

    Bflat.            C    

So you can always hurt me.

        C.     D

But for all the self hate,

      Bflat.           C

That shall not speak its name.

         Bflat.   C

Were we both to blame.

C (slow strum)

For all the little things. (Rest)


All the times I lied,

All those tears I cried.

The times I tore myself apart inside.

Did you ever once see?

That I’d already died, again and again and again and again and again! (Sustain)

Last vers.


All the times you broke my heart. 


And I learned not to feel.

  Bflat.       C

Not to see you for real.


For all the times I fell apart,


Where was I to start?

      Bflat.           C

With all the pieces of my heart!

Last chorus.

C.      D

All the little things. (Every little thing!)

      Bflat.       C

They get under my skin.

       C.       D

Where I keep my pain.

Bflat.             C

Locked away from your eyes.

        C.     D

But for all that you knew,

         Bflat.          C

I was just hiding from the rain.

   Bflat.    C

How could I sustain? (Sustain…)

Repeat first chorus…

Outro (loop chorus chords)

Oh honey. We’re both to blame(sustain)

For aaaaaaalllllllll those little things!

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