All For your Face in a Magazine

By @Readercat34

All For your Face in a Magazine

By @Readercat34

Uh, I am not sure how I feel about thins, I don't like to compare myself with the people I see in magazines, but, then again, who am I to tell you what to think. I do not mean for this to be telling you how to think, but I'm worried that it might read that way. Comment please.

Chapter 1

All For your Face in a Magazine

Sure they have pretty hair,

Okay, their clothes are nice.

But can’t you see their smiles,

Forced upon their faces.

They gave up their lives,

To flip the page,

and see their face,

In a magazine.

They look happy,

But I don’t think they are.

Maybe their famous,

Maybe that’s what you want.

But is it worth it,

To give up your life.

Throw your life away,

To flip the page,

And see your face,

In a magazine.

Maybe it is.

To you,

Not me.

Who am I, to tell anyone what to think.

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