Alice Returns

By @Trix1009

Alice Returns

By @Trix1009

In this story-in-the-making, Alice revisits Wonderland, looking for her purpose and sense of self. She learns things about herself that she never knew, and never wanted to. She also finds that Wonderland has greatly changed since she's been gone.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

“I wish” she thought as she stood where she had stood that day. She hadn’t been back in 8 years. But here she was, standing next to a mound of earth that went up to her knees. She just stood, staring. 

   The brisk air whipped through her blonde hair and ruffled her clothes. It smelled the same as it did back when she was a girl, earthy and strange, but in a good way.

“What had happened that day?” she wondered as she paced around the mound, inspecting it carefully. “Was it all really just my imagination?”

   She looked for the hole that had been there so many years ago. No trace of it. “It couldn’t have been. Everything was so real, yet so vague…” she trailed off as she heard a melancholy voice calling her name. She looked around, but there was no one around. Then she heard it again. Her name.

   She looked around, and the voice laughed. “You’re looking in the wrong places, my dear.”

Puzzled, she looked back at the mound. Realization hit.

   “No” she thought. “It couldn’t be.” But she knew it was. It was his voice after all. But, different somehow. Like the pressures of time finally got to him.

   She knew what to do. She walked over to the old tree she had sat in as a little girl, when it had all happened. She climbed up and sat down where she had sat that day. From there, she saw what was not there merely seconds ago. The rabbit hole.

   She raced down. It was still there, small, but not small enough that she couldn’t squeeze through. She got through, and fell.

   Down, down, down the rabbit hole she went, until what was right side up was upside down, and what was down was above.

   But something had changed. The rabbit hole was… different, in a way. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew. Something wasn’t right, or rather, something was. For here, nothing was supposed to be right.

   What was next was unexpected. She didn’t land in a room that got bigger and bigger, instead she landed in a clearing in an overgrown forest. The trees, covered in moss, were rusling in the harsh wind and fog.

   In the distance, she saw a figure moving towards her. “Curiouser and curiouser.” she said just like she had said all those years ago.

   The figure finally stepped out of the fog. It was a tall man in all black with a white rabbit mask.

   “Welcome back, Alice.”

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