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Alastair and Antionette

By @Hiddenwriter1502


“January 20th 2018. I am on a mission to end the people behind slavery and bring peace to the discriminated. Why? Because past incidents have defined my present.

I am wearing a t-shirt , a new wig that suits me way more than my natural brown hair and brown contacts to hide my green eyes.

I have to kill Mr . Watson today, a former member of the Langstone developer family . They tortured our fellow blacks and killed 350 of them mercilessly by deconstructing their houses right above them.

Today the same fate will fall over the Watson’s and peace will increase.

According to my calculations the fifteen grenades planted around his house walls should be enough to blast everyone.

All that is left now is to press a red button that resides at an arm’s length away from my fingertips.

He will watch his family , earnings and house burn today.

I press the button and hear a loud noise. I move outside my mobile trailer to watch him watch everything fall to ashes.

Then I move up to his house walking briskly with a gun in a plastic bag so as to not get fingerprints on it. He turns back and I see tears.

I take out my gun and shoot. He falls on the glass windshield of his audi.

Fancy guy.

The same old stuff will happen now. The police arrive , this time along with the fire brigade. They extinguish the fire and get on the case. The case becomes forgotten about because they have no evidence . All suspects deny and everything goes back to normal and I strike again.

It’s just my routine.

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