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Akuma Hunters

By @letroit


Yamashita and Akio’s focus now turned towards the spider’s egg sack and after walking back towards the bench it had been placed on earlier, they were relieved no hatching had occurred. Akio offered to set it ablaze with his sword. Declining, she told him that she had an alternative plan for it. Lifting the cloth bundle, she walked over to where Saski was attending Abe’s body.

“Hey Saski, how are you?” She asked. “Is that Abe? Is he dead?” Yamashita pretended to be shocked. She knew very well what a dead body looked like; she had probably seen more death than him after all. So as not to appear suspicious, she thought it wise to play a little dumb.

“Yes, it’s Abe and yes he is dead” Saski replied. “I think he died of fright, the poor *******. I thought it fitting to lay him to rest, rather than just leave him sitting here, staring out into nothingness.”

“That’s kind of you Saski. When you’ve finished, I’d like a word with you.” Yamashita informed him as she sat herself down on a half-destroyed wall waiting patiently.

It didn’t take him long to organise Abe’s body. Saski built a small stone burial mound and then laid him to rest. After saying a few words of respect, he took a swig of ale from his flask and then offered some to Yamashita and Akio. They both turned him down.

“Okay, I’m done now.” Saski said whilst wiping the back of his hand across his mouth. “How can I be of help?”

“Well, you see, I have a problem with this.” She held out the cloth bundle containing the baby.

“Why? You told us no man can handle it, so I don’t understand the problem.” Saski replied.

Yamashita was about to say something when Akio stepped in.“Well, we can now.” Akio took the sack from Yamashita. “We can look in it. See nothing happens.” He tried to be reassuring.

“Well, seeing you’re already holding it, then why don’t you deal with it?” Saski was confused.

“Look, this isn’t my problem either. This is between you and my sister.” Akio turned and handed the cloth back to Yamashita.

“Hang on, something isn’t right here. Something seems off but I can’t put my finger on it yet.” Saski looked at Akio with suspicion. “Would it have anything to do with Fukuda by any chance?”

“Do you know what he is going on about?” Akio turned to his sister, completely confused.

Yamashita explained to her brother she just needed a few minutes with Saski alone and that it would be best if he left. Still not fully understanding what was going on, Akio obliged and walked away.

“Alright, he’s gone. It’s just you and me now, no more games.” Saski said tensely.

“Okay, you are right, no more games. I will get straight to the point.” Yamashita informed him calmly. “I had a good chat with Suki earlier, she told me what you did to her. She also told me what you did to Fukuda.”

“That little *****! I should have known she’d squeal.” Saski could feel his anger growing as he turned his full attention towards Yamashita. “How much did she tell you?” He snapped.

“All of it. You attacked and tried to rape her.” Yamashita remained calm. “Then, when Fukuda jumped in to stop you and save her, you raped her instead.” She continued. Still sat on the wall, Yamashita was composed as she explained just what Suki had confided in her. She then informed him she was going to end their torment by doing what she thought was right.

“And just what might that be?” Saski asked.

“I’m not going to kill you, as much as that would be the easiest way to end this.” Yamashita continued. “No, I’m not like that. I only kill monsters and you are not the kind of monster I kill. Akio on the other hand – he kills anything. But there’s no need to worry. He doesn’t need to know.” She teased. “Oh, unless you want me to call him over and tell him?”

“There’s no need for that, you witch!” Saski replied angrily. “Suki was right calling you a witch. That’s exactly what you are.”

“I’ve been called a lot worse, but then names really don’t upset me.” She replied with a smirk. “What does upset me though, is someone like you, forcing themselves onto someone who can’t defend themselves. That I find truly upsetting.” Yamashita told him in disgust.

“No, I am not here to end your life, I will leave that for you! Here are your choices and you must pick one.” Yamashita was in complete control as she explained further. “The first option is simple; you must take this cloth and peer into it, letting its contents consume you. The second, I can take control of you mind and you will kill yourself. I assure you this will be the worse option, as you will suffer so much pain, you’ll be begging me to end things quickly.”

“How can that be worse?” Saski asked, terrified.

“First I will make you take your blade from your side and force you to slash yourself all over.” Yamashita seethed. “But not too deep you understand; I want you alive and suffering to the very end. I will force you to gauge your own eyes out with your blade and then I will have you slice off your own ears. Oh, but the worse is to come, the best bit…… I will force you to slowly chop of your balls. Now, if you’re so sure I’m a witch, then you already know I can do this. So, the choice is yours”

Saski sat there open mouthed. A little pee must have crept out as his pants as they now felt wet. He closed his mouth and swallowed hard, then he took a large gulp of his ale.

“Will what’s in the cloth really hurt less?” Saski asked glancing at the cloth then back to Yamashita.

“Yes, it contains venomous spiders.” She explained. “When they bite, the venom acts quickly, and you will die instantly.”

Feeling he had no choice, Saski reluctantly agreed to take the cloth.

“You must only open it when my back is turned.” Yamashita instructed him. He nodded in agreement. Getting down from the wall she threw the cloth over to Saski and then turned her back on him.

Shaking, Saski slowly opened the cloth and peered inside at the baby. Just as he did, the contents burst into a thousand venomous spiders. They quickly began to cover his entire body, biting and piercing his skin all over.

Yamashita slowly walked away, listening to his agonising screams as she did so. She’d lied to him. She knew the death would not be instant. With each needle like bite, they injected their venom, as though a thousand bees were stinging him constantly. He would die a slow and agonising death; she knew she had done the right thing.

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