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Akuma Hunters

By @letroit


Akio and Saski re-joined the group who were now scattered about the derelict building.

“So, you’re telling me neither of you has ever encountered a creature like this? I find that hard to believe. How can a pair of monster hunters never have faced a Joro-Gumo before?” Abe asked in his booming voice.

“It’s not like they come around every day. These creatures only existed in stories told to us by our parents or elders.” Akio fired back in his defence.

“Let’s get to the point.” Kato said abruptly. He was perched on a crate with Fukuda’s head resting on his lap. “Do your stories tell you how to kill this demon? Was that a part of these legends?”

With her back against a wooden pillar, Suki stood silently listening to the conversation between Akio, Abe, Kato and Saski. She then pushed herself off to stand closer to the four men as they bickered back and forth with each other.

“**** you boys always comparing **** sizes! Do you see women comparing *** sizes? Come on!” She interrupted angrily. “You want to kill this thing, just track it down. We have a tracker, two magic wielders and the rest of us are good with are hands. How much simpler can it be?”

“I heard you were very good with your hands Suki” Smirked Kato, amused at his own joke. “I mean, it’s not as if we need a good solid plan to make sure we don’t lose anyone else, is it?” Kato remarked sarcastically.

“You need a good solid **** up your **** more like.” Fukuda shot back, still not moving her head from Kato’s lap. Suki put her hand to her mouth to hide the smirk rising across her lips.

Kato looked around at the other men and he could see that they too were trying hard to hide their sniggering.

“See, we’re all getting along fine now. Like a true family.” Kato said trying to brush the remark away.

“Are we all finished with the childishness now?” Yamashita said aloud. “As much as I enjoy your talk of **** and *** swinging, we must address the matter at hand. We cannot stay holed up in here forever. The Joro-Gumo will come back to find us and I for one, do not want to be a spiders last meal.”

“Yamashita is right, we must concentrate on how to kill this monster. I recall our parents telling us how one of our kind killed an arachnoid. They fired a flaming arrow straight through the heart of the beast, killing it instantly. But whatever this is, it’s not a full arachnoid so I’m unsure this would work.” Akio told the group. Saski said the idea sounded good enough to him, as they had no alternative plan.

With a decision made, Akio told the group his plan of attack. The group would act as bait for the Joro-Gumo, whilst he and Yamashita would lure her out of wherever she was hiding. Then Suki, being the expert archer would fire the lethal shot. All in agreement Akio, Yamashita, Abe, Saski, Kato and Fukuda wandered out into the night air. Suki climbed up the building to take her position on the rooftop, and then prepared herself to take aim at her target.

Walking along the dark empty streets, Akio pulled Saski near him.

“Remember, do not let her try and pen anyone in” He urged. “Keep everyone together and head for Suki, then once it is within Suki’s range, we all jump to safety.”

Saski nodded in agreement and bid Akio farewell for now. With that Akio caught up with Yamashita.

“Did you tell him the true plan?” Yamashita asked lowering her voice.

“Just the important parts of it.” Akio whispered back.

Akio and Yamashita walked through the barren streets, trying carefully not to disturb their surroundings, they turned into a side street. As Akio took out the Sigma sword, he closed his eyes whilst muttering some ancient Akuma dialect causing the blade to burst into flames. Opening his eyes, he could now see in demonic vision. Yamashita pulled up her cloak hood as she too whispered some ancient Akuma and with that, she became invisible. Akio, still able to see his sister with demonic vision, beckoned her to proceeded cautiously down the side street.

They moved silently through each building and outbuilding they came across, making sure no stone was left unturned. Eventually they reached the last building on the stree*** was an old derelict factory of some kind; the windows were broken, and pieces of wood splintered the wall panelling. Akio stood beside the front entrance leading into the building. Looking at his sister he reminded her that whatever happens in there, do not lose sight of each other.

Yamashita new the drill. Just like the countless times before, she knew to always stay in contact. If they lost contact for whatever reason, they were to assume the worst has happened.

Akio slowly prised the door to the abandoned factory open, peering inside and entering cautiously. His demonic vision allowed him to see clearly throughout the entrance. There was paper strewn all over the floor and bits of shattered cabinets flung here and there. He looked hard to see if there were any signs of the web like substance from which he saw earlier in the tavern. Not spotting any, he knew he still had to be careful. As not to alert anyone they were there, they spoke to each other in whispered tongues telepathically. Feeling it was safe to proceed, he signalled his sister to enter. Yamashita moved in through the entrance and crouched down beside her brother. She placed one hand on the ground and started to chant mystical words causing the area below her hand to glow a brilliant bright green. The green glow formed a perfect circle and within its centre a rune symbol appeared; it was the rune of tracking. Allowing Yamashita to see any disturbance in her surroundings for up to fifty feet, she quickly stood back up not sensing anything around her.

As Akio and Yamashita moved further into the factory, they rounded a corner leading into a long corridor. At the end they could see a wooden ladder that led up to the second floor. Akio shone his fiery Sigma sword ahead of him to light the way. Not seeing any webs or signs of the Joro-Gumo, it was safe to move forward. Akio held the ladder as Yamashita carefully climbed up to the second floor, he then followed closely behind. Looking back down, Akio checked to see if there was any movement behind them, but once again everything seemed quiet. Along the gantry they kept close to the wall as they sneaked along cautiously. Every so often Yamashita would use her tracking rune to check for sign of life.

After thoroughly searching every room on the second floor and not finding anything, Akio was about to give up on the factory, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a glimmer of movement sliding down the back wall. He turned in the direction of the movement, and Yamashita telepathically asked him whether she should do a rune reading to determine the source? Thinking it would be a good idea before advancing, Akio agreed. Yamashita placed the palm of her hand against the wall beside her, and once again a green flame formed a circle containing the tracking rune inside. The green light swept along the walls and ceiling up to fifty feet in diameter but this time it pinpointed the source of the movemen*** revealed a perfect outline of a woman towards the furthest wall. Akio indicated he had seen her, and cautiously they moved in closer.

As they got nearer, they could see there was an opening within the wall. Akio closed his eyes, causing the flames on the sword to extinguish. Moving in through the crawl space, he and Yamashita found the opening expanded outwards and upwards. Although enabling both to stand easily, it was a very tight space. There would be hardly any room for Akio to swing his sword.

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