Air I Breathe

By @siruhanooo
Air I Breathe

"I am the air you breathe, oh I must be suffocating." Zaphyra and Pyros had been together for a long time, but sure as time goes by without communication... love and care may run out, each may fell out. Misunderstanding, no proper communication, feeling the "near yet so far", already happened between them. When they we're given a chance to start over, they we're literally given the chance. . . to be strangers again. But because destiny is very playful, they met again.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 [Second Thoughts]

Four days before she leaves. . .

Zaphyra Yuanne Andrejez, the only daughter in a well-known family in Spain and Philippines. An eighteen year old lady who wants to pursue her dream to be a fashion designer.

One of the most stunning women known. From her morena skin, her charming dark-brown eyes, the long eyelashes, those pointed nose, rosy-cheeks and those plush lips with the detailed jaw and black long hair that goes until her hips.

Indeed, a one of kind blessing of Aphrodite in the world. She looks like a living goddess and sure Pyros Ryl Jimenez is the most fortunate guy to have that kind and soft hearted lady with him for almost three years.

They’ve been together ever since. They were the longest couple in their school. But not all stays. . .

On the 15th floor of MH Towers, the first pent house to be exact is Pyros’ condo unit. Zaph is laying comfortably on his sofa while he is sitting on the floors carpet studying for his quizzes in Business Ad.

“How’s your day?” he asked her emotionless.

“It’s fine. How about yours?” she asked him back and hugged him, but he took her hands off him.

“Fine.” He shortly replied. She felt his cold actions, so she cupped his cheeks.

“Do you have a problem?” she asked and cutely pouted at him.

He slowly pushed her away, making her stunned—no, she was shocked.

“I’m studying, can’t you see?” he said, irritation filled him.

Four months after their third anniversary she noticed that he feels so far, they don’t have their usual Saturdates anymore. And he doesn’t pick her up or drive her home, that he is supposed to tell Zaph.

And he tells her late without knowing that she is waiting for him. She came late in her classes and, she also comes home late, making her brothers mad at her.

“S-Sorry.” She said and inclined on her seat. Because of him being busy, she fell asleep. But she woke up when she heard his shouts.

“Wake up Zaphyra! Go home!” he shouted at her that made her stood up and made him stop.

He stopped because he saw her eyes, those tears that wanted to flow. Zaph urgently picked up her things and paced towards the door.

“Sorry! L-Let’s talk tomorrow!” she said before going out his place. He’s just tired. She said but couldn’t contain the tears that wanted to flow.

While on the other hand. . .

“Argh! She’s ******* me off!” he irritatingly hissed when she got out. He dialed someone on his phone, “You can come over, she left already.” He said.

Zaphyra is still down stairs on the lobby when she saw her best friend, Xis, Alexis Laine Torallba, fast pacing to the elevator. Is she always here? She thought, who is she meeting here? She added.

She just shrugged the thought and left. She’s still hurt, why is Py like that to her?

When she got home, her brothers miraculously emerged. “Do you know what time it is?” her kuya Zac asked her, arching his brows. Zaccary Andrejez is the eldest among them five, he serves as the law in the house when their parents are not around.

“You’re too strict,” Zio said, he kissed her cheeks as a greeting. It’s the third among them. Both are close and he’s the most hands-on, because he’s single, yet taken?

“Well, Kuya Zac is right,” her another strict-aloof brother emerged to the scene, the second and the playboy. But, he doesn’t want their only princess to be played.

“Let her enjoy!” now her twin interrupted, he’s just a few minutes earlier than her.

She just shakes her head and pulled all of them into a hug. “Siblings hug!” she said, and her brothers hugged her back, now her face has a plastered smile.

“Ma and Da flew to Australia earlier than us.” Zac said and pulled away from their hug.

They went to the dining table and sat at their usual seats, and let the maids serve their foods. Though their maids are mother and daughter, and they are very close to Manang Selya and her daughter Mira serves as an ate to Zaph.

They are very loud while eating, asking about each other’s day, love life updates, studies etc.

“So, my dear sis. How’s you and Pyros?” asked her kuya Yoh, she looked at them and sighed.

“I just think that we have a problem,” she said honestly, she’s always open to her brothers and she don’t lie to anyone. She keeps secrets but if asked she doesn’t answer to avoid lying.

“What did he do?” then asked her kuya Zac and she just shrugged.

“Nah, he just shouted. Not a big deal. . .” her brothers arched their brows and at once crossed their arms.

“He did what?!”

“I’m out, I don’t want to meddle,”

“Did you do something?”

“If that’s relationship, I won’t to that to my girl,”

Her brother’s priceless reaction made her smile. “Zaph, did you already tell him?” her twin asked. So, she shook her head, making her brothers shut their mouth.

“Don’t be sad about it, he’ll understand.” Her kuya Zio held her hand and smiled at her, but she can only give them them a weak smile.

“I’m going up, I’m tired.” he said as he lowered the cutlery. And quickly got up and walked away from the dining area.

When he left, his older brothers just looked at him and at the same time frowned.

Two days before she leaves …

“Zaph, why don’t you tell Py that you’re leaving?” Xis asked Zaph.

“I don’t want to hurt him,” she replied.

“But wouldn’t he be even more hurt if he didn’t know the reason?” her friend still pressured her.

“I don’t know,” Zaph was confused by what was happening. In just two days and she is leaving, and she still can’t tell Py.\

“Why are you having a hard time telling him?” Xis asked her again.

She just shrugged trying to avoid more questions.

“Don’t you trust him?” Xis asked her again.

I do trust him. It’s just I don’t trust myself or the way I feel anymore. She said to herself.

“So, you’re just going to ignore my questions?”

“I am not ignoring your questions. I just have no answer.” She said while rolling her eyes.

When Py arrived, he seated beside her.

“Hon.” He kissed her on the cheek and she just smiled.

“Hon.” He also greeted it and hugged her. She was finding something. She doesn’t know what’s missing.

And she must know it before something worse happen. After a couple of minutes, she decided to go to the comfort room.

When she came back. She saw a suspicious discovery . . .

to be continued. . . 

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