Ah! Fashion

By @Hellohawwaa
Ah! Fashion

I wrote this poem in 2015 when “Figment” was still around. It’s about my obsession with Fashion and I am happy to say that 3 years later, I am the Fashion Designer I’ve always wanted to be! Enjoy this poem my the old, naive Hawwaa.

Chapter 1

Ah! Fashion

It feels good

it feels nice

the way I dress

makes me feel alright

In the morning

Or at night

No matter where I am

I’m looking fine




And Vuitton

Layers on layers

In the burning sun

Not too much

never enough

Coach for breakfast

Fendi for lunch

Hop on a plane

New York is all the way

L.A.’s for those

Who sleep all day

Miss Neiman Marcus just booked me a gig

60 outfits picked out before bed

If the Devil wears Prada

Then I must wear it too

Angels wear Sir Kors

Louboutins for their shoes

Dolce and Gabbana

Will be here soon

While I have a cup of Coco

Chanel at noon

Mercedes stayed at the Benz for a week

I missed out

Heard Moschino was pretty chic

Guess what watch I’ll be wearing next

Got a new Ford,

had Tom sit in the back

Marc Jacobs asked me for a ride one time

I told him I couldn’t

Kate’s playing her Spades tonight

Four VIP’s?

I’ll have to ask McQueen

Vera wants to know

how you’re doing

A midday snack?

That’s pretty Juicy I might say

Dior for dinner?

I’m stuffed anyway

I feel good

I feel fine

Fashions got me feeling great all of the time

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