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Against the Sides

By @Grallingbo

“Oh, God… easy there buddy, easy!

Dane backed up against the bark of the tree, holding his hands up as the wolf slowly made its way closer to him. Its teeth were bared and its ears were angled down towards the back of his head, so Dane knew it was enraged.

Unless this wolf was a Hybrid, Dane was sure it would kill him for something to eat.

Though, Dane suspected that this wolf was a Hybrid, for the part of the woods that the wolf found him in was known to be–due to various rumors–a home for wolf Hybrids. He had come into the Misnart Forest specifically to debunk this myth. The Misnart Forest is located right next to a village; no wolf Hybrid packs with half of a brain would dare take refuge there. Being so close to human contact, many would think the wolves have been spotted days ago. Yet, since the villagers know that the wolves aren’t that empty-minded, they never checked it. They only occasionally swung by to gather wood.

Dane is a resident of the village that was located near the Misnart Forest; a rather important one at that, for he was the mayor’s executive assistant. The rumors for the past week have upped in ante and since then, the other residents have been paranoid about being ambushed by the wolf Hybrid packs. As the mayor’s right-hand man, he has to lower public hysteria or else their community will be all over themselves with fear.

Dane didn’t expect the rumors to be true.

“We can talk this out, ya’hear?” Dane said, the wolf now mere inches away from him.

The wolf barked, startling Dane. Then, the wolf did something Dane didn’t expect it to. It spoke.

“I ain’t gonna speak anythin’ out with the likes o’ you,” the wolf said, its voice low and gravelly.

Dane swallowed. “If you just let me explain,” he began, quietly, “I’ll explain everything.

The wolf snarled for the last time before backing away from Dane. “Fine,” it spat. “Speak, human.”

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