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By @Joyous_One


“What’s your Emergency “, the 911 operator asked. 

” My best friend just slit both of her wrist and she’s bleeding really bad. She seems to be …Joyce stay awake!”

” Try to stop the bleeding. Everything will be fine. What’s your location?”

“It’s umm… 37 Ridge Road, please hurry up! I think I am losing her!!”

” I have people on there way, stay on the phone with me okay, everything will be alright.”

My eyes flutter open and close while someone holds my wrist. I feel a sharp pain as they hold me, causing me to realize what I have done. I bet it’s too late to save me but to my dismay two EMT’s rush through my bathroom door. With the little energy I have I try to push their helping hands aside but they overpowered me. “,”I groaned and then I slipped into unconsciousness. 

Five Months Later…

I lay flat on my queen size bed and think- two more days and I’ll be done with EA ( Emotional Anonymous ) and I can be free to do as I wish. The clock reads 8:30pm and I have to work at 10:00pm. So I ripped the purple covers away and slowly make my way to the bathroom in the hallway. Where I always tried to end my life but not today and not anytime period, end of subject. The mirror is dingy with toothpaste spatters but I can still see my wavy strawberry blonde hair and my slim nose centered between my high cheek bones. However, my dark green eyes are noticed the most and are complimented on frequently . But all see is my horrible Mother in the reflection , the drug abuser with no conscious. She left me and I am only 19. I sigh, I just need to forget. I brush my tangling mess and walk through the empty hallways and make a right to the kitchen. 

” Good morning Darlene”? I question as she was mumbling to the chair. 

She wiped around and smiled brightly and said ” Yes, it’s a good morning ! How are you?”

” I am okay but Darlene.. Did you take your meds?”

” What! Yes…No! I can’t be me with them. What do you like better me on meds or when you didn’t know I was psycho?” Darlene yelled. 

I calmly explain, ” Honey that’s not it. I love you and I am supportive of you a 100 percent. I don’t care that you are schizophrenic.” Darlene runs to me with tears streaming down her face and hugs me tightly. “I love you too. “

Hour and Half and five minutes Later…..

Fudge…fudge ! Oh my god, I am late again. I yank the Al Dora bar doors open and speed walk through as I catch eyes with my boss. My heart drops as he quickens his pace towards me. He yells in front of a line of customers ” You are fired! It has been to many times that you’ve been late. So get out!” Out of shock I stood there just staring when a regular said ” You heard the man, get out. You are not reliable. ” I then run-through the doors and jump into my car. The gas petal hits the floor as my mind screams with agony, causing all progress to falter. My windows are down as I yell “Why?” I then lose control and speed up as I near the bridge over Graven Lake. I yank the wheel at the last minute and ram into a rock and flip up over into the lake. I feel blood dripping down my face as I submerge then I black out. 

Few Hours Later

I hear a faint whistle of the tune Happy as I crack my eyes open in bed. It was coming from the kitchen. I stand up quickly as to check on Darlene but my room started spinning and my head was hurting. Then I remember I crashed my car into the lake but how did I get home. How did I make it? I then get up slowly and trail my fingers along wall towards the sound. I rounded the corner and spot Darlene chatting to the chair. ” Darlene did you listen to me this morning? You need to take your pills!” I scolded. She whips around and her brow furrows, ” I didn’t hear you come in. What’s wrong with your head ? “

” I just woke up and what do you mean what’s wrong?”, I say as I rush to the hallway mirror. I gasps as I see caked on blood in my hair and dark bags under my eyes. ” Where have you been, you’ve been gone two days?” Darlene snaps me back to reality. ” Wha…t do you mean”, I stutter. A knock echoes through the door, stopping Darlene to answer me. “Hold that thought, that must be my Mum”.

She answers the door and her Mom’s face looks sad with her eyes down. ” What’s the urgency for?”,Darlene says looking away to try to make her mom not notice she not taking her pills. 

” I want to inform you in person that Joyce has been found dead in Graven Lake”, her Mom says. 

” What? I right here!”, I yell. But her Mom doesn’t even look my way.  

Darlene looks at me and says “She’s right there, didn’t you hear her?”

Her Mom steps forward and takes her hands while saying ” You’ve stopped baby, your seeing and hearing things again. I am sorry but it’s true , Joyce is gone. “

They continue hug as I denied being dead but a warm light shines down upon my face but why did I not move on? But looking at them made realize why I stayed. It was to make sure someone would notice Darlene needed taken care of. I smile and whisper ” I love you , take care. I’ll always be here”, I say as I point to her heart then walk into the light. 

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