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Taken Aback

By @Grallingbo

Mike had seemed like the quiet type when Levi first saw him.

When Levi first entered the mansion, he only planned on doing one thing, and that was work. He wasn’t there to make friends, he was there to serve drinks and actually do his job. He wanted to avoid social interaction altogether.

Levi, much to his surprise, was successful. Albeit for the first two hours of the party.

It was then the guests began to ask for more drinks. More shots. Levi knew where it would lead, but, he had no other choice.

This when Mike started to matter. Not in the good way; at least, in Levi’s case.

Levi never approached Mike himself–he never approached any of the other staff members either–but he got a good enough impression of the man just by staring at him. Though Mike seemed to be conversing well with the others at the party, he often opted to hang by himself; at least for a while, he did.

When the guests began to pipe themselves up with liquor, some of the staff members opted to join the fun as well. Levi barely knew anyone there besides the birthday boy who had hired him, so he wasn’t aware of the rumors regarding Mike’s alcohol tolerance. Apparently, the blonde hunk was capable of slamming shots quicker than anyone else at the party. Levi initially thought they were all screwing with him because Mike didn’t look like he could. Sure, the man was muscular and tall, but he handled himself like an innocent teenager. He knew his way with dirty, foul language, but he never quite acted on his words.

This rumor tempted the staff members to urge Mike into joining an intense drinking game, and when the birthday boy himself began to pitch in, Mike couldn’t turn them down.

After the drinking game was over, the rumors were proven to be true for Mike had won by a landslide. He wasn’t wasted, per se, but he was beginning to crack and the other staff members were determined to get him blasted.

Not soon after that, Mike had stopped being the lifeguard and became somewhat of a harlequin for the other guests. Over time, the giant got more and more wasted. Each shot he took seemingly gave him an idea as to what dumb crap he could pull off next. Levi had definitely regretted his decision of accepting the request to be the bartender for this party…

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