By @Eruston


By @Eruston

A world at war with a force too powerful to face, the President of the United States makes an entry in his log, setting the scene for the rest of the book. This is the Prologue to the story my friend and I have been writing for the last few years. I intend on releasing each chapter a few weeks at a time, but only after I have received some constructive criticism.

Chapter 1


President’s Log, March 7th

Exactly one year. One year is all the experts gave us. They measured a nation’s lifespan in months. Just twelve more, then the terror we fought could only win. One year before that cold fear takes our home, and neither medicine nor anything but the hand of God can stop the nightmare. But God had forsaken our allies, one by one falling to the tide of Aeon. Not a tide of red or a wave of black, but a cold wind that rips through cities and towns and the very bones of a nation — and brushes aside heart and soul with a callous fist. One year is all we have to defend against what is now known to us as Aeon Industries.

The year is 2036, and only three months after my re-election, our spirit has begun to shatter. There is no hope, the crowds, the people, are restless. Anti-war demonstrations are about as common as there are cars on the road. Power outages, supply shortages, security is a luxury only the rich can afford. One year. If we survive externally, we will fall internally.

At first when this all began, the type of terrorism embraced by this new group was uncommon. Set out not by religious or political views, but with humanitarian views. Sadly instead of working as a Peace Corp, they embraced fear, intimidation, and violence to achieve their goals. The year was 2028 when the group first appeared on the global radar with the uprising and desolation of the Swiss government, establishing their own political inner workings. That was only the beginning. Their wealth and power has never truly been revealed, yet their connections surround us all. Aeon Industries is in control, even when the battle seems to result in a victory.

How? Was it our blindness to react, were we too slow? Was this how it felt to the Allies almost 100 years ago? It seems impossible! They were only a company when they started, but now it is clear that it was a cover up. A mask brought upon us to keep the truth from ever being shown.

I was elected president in the year 2032 in an attempt to bring an end to this insignificant uprising in Europe, to put an end to it all. But we were unprepared. The vast technology, the drones, the artificial intelligence, and the networks. Where did this all come from? Wave upon wave of military grade machines fell from the mountains, the hills, and the sky. Nuclear weapons were no longer an option, as they were sabotaged by one of the organization’s top members. We have tried multiple times to capture him and his special forces, or better execute him one way or another. This assassin, this spy, this saboteur, his elusiveness is remarkable. He claims to be the leader of Aeon Industries, but we know otherwise. The true master mind is a man that prefers to be called Aeon. We have only seen him in propaganda posters or videos. All that we know is there is nothing to know. He is unknown. No one has ever meet him in person, only heard or felt his presence. 

And I have the feeling I will be meeting him soon. The first and last president of the United States to meet a terrorist leader face to face.

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