Adventuring Beyond my thoughts - Poem

By @GhostVenom
Adventuring Beyond my thoughts - Poem

Beyond my thoughts is a poem I made, where on how I see this world and possible outcomes and possibilities that come with it.

Chapter 1

Dreams and Reality

I like the stars, and the solar system,

Where there are new sights

Far off in the millennium

with an adventure

That would send me traveling around the milky wave, and the other galaxies that await

I look to the sky and see darkness

Along with a commercial plane that holds a brand

which advertise with an open hand.

I see a world of mass security

Broken communication

Rural Communities

Along with a failing world system

We’re a large percentage of the earth

Lacks educational wisdom





is much my eyes see?

It’s funny and a bit sad

Though when it comes to money everyone is good at math

We’re all t hey do is just




But it subtracts

Society is slowly being broken like

Shattering glass

To an eerie film that flashes


There is no star’s that shine

Just unexpected wealthy

Along with hidden crime

Few want to help because of this pollution

Many have ideas

But never use solutions

If I travel it will be an adventure or an escape

Since the world we live in

Is in a dire state

The plants are rotting

The fish are dying

There is always a homeless person

While many children are losing education

Due to a corrupt situation

I look back at social media

And just see a copy of Google and Wikipedia

What’s this all about?

People get popular for doing petty crimes

Or saying stupid things that don’t even have rhyme

I shake my head

But the worst part is not even that

In the hood we have rats that look like cats

I take what I say in consideration

As a sense to get my mind together

And ignore the fails and errors

While keeping to my mission

Little kids also go missing

This world that was once pleasant

Now feels like terror

To the constant gangs

Or threats from other country’s

To mothers and fathers telling their children, you don’t want me

The next generation


from the looks of it this will be are last

Young minds don’t chase dreams

They just chase quick cash

Yolo – you only live once

Don’t die over a project that you did not give your fonts

To many things happening all at once

It’s not all about Trump

I see demons rising so I made A poem called survivor

I am determined to be me, and stay fly and elevated learn what I missed and stay educated

instantly I get sick

after a shot

I don’t need a flu vaccine

My body is built to take hits

So, it’s a rarity for me to get sick

Lies to the people

Lies to the world

What is truly the truth

If things are hidden.

And bullet proof

What is real in this reality?

If what we need to succeed is just a good salary?

I wonder what the real earth is

The spiritual, the supernatural

Or the meta-verse

I just know there is trials that is beyond

In time

I will adventure on and see what else is there beyond.


I keep things simple

Yet stay lethal

My mind wonders

But this world is just as evil

To what we see before

To the situations of after

It’s hard to believe

Even when there are fake pastors

I think of space and what lies beyond

Yet I don’t know what will happen

After a min or hour

Changes are swift

What was once known will change shifts

I see the rift

And the valley of the unknown

I keep my poetry in melody’s

So, I self-level myself and stay strong

Each quote is a speech

Each sentence is a lyric

It sounds like music

Or a hidden song

I just give a message

And it flows along

I am not heartless

I Just know what is right and what is wrong

Like I said before I will adventure on

To the further outskirts

While keeping myself in development

I say what is on my mind and keep relevant

I won’t collapse

I have no fear

I break past temptation

With a poetic spear

This world gives a false sense of security

While the council of the hidden

Want to make a new world beginning

There is many territory’s

That holds myths, legends, and stories.

I Must go forth

And travel

I’m already filled with clarity

Don’t drop me an Apple that’s charity

I am Ghost Venom

This is my style

And my rhyme

Don’t think this is a teaser

I’m still a writer and reader

this is just the start of my adventure

Now On to the next riddle


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