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By @fleurieleaf


She was nervous, yet boosting with excitement. It was her very first art exhibition. Looking at it now seemed surreal, her paintings were displayed on the wall of Mads Novaski’s art gallery, the biggest gallery in Norway. Her guests were starting to arrive and she put on her biggest smile and greeted them.

“Congratulations!” A woman praised. “Your work is magnificent.”

“Thank you. That means everything,” Alice replied.

“Especially that one.” She pointed at the sketch behind Alice, where she then turned to look at the direction of the woman’s finger. It was of him. “It’s your best work, yet.”

She was right.

Alice just smiled, looking down in a memoria manner. “Thank you.”

“Who is he? The man in your artwork?”

“He’s the man who changed my life. My best friend.”

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