By @CASimons

The main character describes the day his accident happened.

Chapter 1


Blur. The memory of it is a blur. Waking up that morning, I never expected to find myself in that situation. I stay out of trouble, almost exclusively. Something felt different that day. Leaving the house, I expected a normal day. One without drama. One without issues. One where I could finish the day, return home and relax. 

I was woken up by a phone call at ten in the morning by my best friend, Freddie. He brought up the idea of going paint-balling, with some of our other friends. I’m not a huge fan of paint-balling but I thought I’d tag along, as I felt it would be a good bonding experience for our group. Little did I know, my life was about to change, quite drastically. 

Seventy quid. That’s how much it cost for a group of six people to go paint-balling. Myself, Freddie, his girlfriend Emily, Justin, Michael and Lily. I had never been paint-balling before but my brother used to go every other weekend so I thought I’d give him a call to ask him what I should expect. He mentioned that I should make sure to keep myself protected. Wear the protective gear. Listen to the people in charge. I assured him that I would do exactly that. Little did I know, we would have a rogue amongst our little group. A rogue that was dead set on making my life very difficult. 

Five rounds for six people. Two groups. Freddie, Emily and Michael on one team. Myself, Justin and Lily on another. Best two out of three. Only one of the six people in our little group had been paintballing before, which, admittedly, is where the issues of that day began. By the end of round three, Michael had already won two for his team, with the third point going to myself. With only two more rounds left, this is where the day began going downhill. 

The end of round four saw Emily and Lily battle it out for the point, with Lily taking it for our team, levelling it up at two points apiece. The final point, to finish the game, is when it happened. It all happened so fast that I can barely remember what happened without reliving some part of it. That was when I began to regret answering that **** phone call. 

It came down to myself and Emily in the final round. As I was about to shoot Emily’s protective vest to pick up the win for my team, I felt a piercing pain in my lower back. I screamed out in pain and tried to look around to see who had shot me, but, before I could, I blacked out. Someone just shot me.

I woke up God knows how many hours later in the hospital with four of the five people I was with. Freddie, Emily, Justin and Lily. Michael was nowhere to be seen, which means only one thing. That ******* is the one that shot me. There was no reason for him to do it. We haven’t exactly been the best of friends but there was still no reason for him to hate me so much to want to SHOOT me. 

I hadn’t known Michael for that long, two or three weeks, but that shouldn’t be reason for him to shoot me. It’s been almost eight months now and I haven’t seen Michael at all. The next time I see him, whenever and wherever that may be, I will do to him what he did to me. I guarantee it. 

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