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By @Theonlytrueintrovert

Chapter One

Serenity waited her whole life to find a guy like Luke. And when she did, she was probably the happiest girl on the planet. She loved Luke with all her heart. They went on the most romantic dates, he helped her our when she needed it and a lot more. She did the same thing for him, except for one difference. She actually loved him.

Her last time with him was her most depressing time if her life. They were fighting, and it was Luke’s fault. Serenity caught him with another girl. She burst out in tears. She ran, and Luke chased her. She hid, do that way she had a chance to let this sink in.

Her tears felt warm on her face. She looked in the mirror and saw her face. Her bright blue eyes was most noticeable with her dark hair. But to her, the most shocking part, was the fact that her tears marched the color of her eyes. She locked herself in a stall and started crying. Crying harder and harder for every thought that crossed her mind about it. How long had he been doing this? Had he ever really loved me? Was he only talking to me to make me vulnerable? All this washed through her head. She got up, dried her face and left.

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