A Young Girl

By @Hellohawwaa
A Young Girl

This poem is somewhat based off of me and my sad obsession with doing anything for “fame”. It follows a girl who has the opportunity to help those in need and to change the course of the world, but in the end, she is selfish and picks for herself.

Chapter 1

A Young Girl

A young girl sits upon a stage covered in dreams and picks the ones she wants

And each one she decides to pick is for herself alone and no one else

She does not pick war but she does not pick peace

She does not pick darkness but refuses to pick light

She passes over oppression but does not pick freedom

And whatever helps another

She seems to not see them

And in the end she seems to find fame and fortune appealing

But does not pick to have times that give good feelings

This young girl, she sits on a stage of dreams but picks none for you or me.

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  1. tesshaiku

    Wow. Beautiful. Keep it up.

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