a world without you

By @makyaanai_
a world without you

a poem i wrote at a rough time in my life. it doesn’t have any particular meaning towards one person, more like a mixture of feelings towards multiple people

Chapter 1

imagine a world without you

a life without your deep eyes staring into mine

a life without your energy that is the flint that sparks my lighter

my life would be changed forever

the way i walk, talk, and think

the thought of you would ping in my head like a lost iPhone

i’d miss you not by my side

your caring and gentle nature

you being the one i look to for advice

if you were gone , I’d cry rivers, oceans, and seas

my heart would be crushed like a tossed soda can

i’d be ripped to shreds

because there is no other like you

i could circle the globe countless times 

yet still I find myself craving your presence

i know i can depend on you through thick and thin

have you point a gun to my head

and trust that you won’t pull the trigger 

so here I am

praying that you won’t disappear into thin air

for you are the stars in my night sky

the planets to my solar system

and my whole world

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