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A Touch of the Hidden Rose (POEM)

By @TaterTot2000

The Hidden Rose

When the sun rises, the roses bloom with joy

The ritual of the flowers start their life to spread happiness

The garden spreads its energy around in the sunlight and moonlight

When it’s daytime, the garden of the roses gains the strength to rise

When it was night, they continued to be bloomed in the moon’s light

It became the key to the gravity of love, the power of the sun is given within

The release of the magic helped the mushrooms grow

The flowers in the bushes have been developed by the Mother Nature’s harmonic magic

The magic in the flowers caused them to dance while the wind blew with a beautiful flow

One of the roses has been hidden by the shadow, but a woman with red hair comes around to make the hidden rose regained by the sunlight and moonlight

In the night garden, a floral power comes within

The roses’ bloom shines brighter like a shining star

The roses cherish their love of the nature, the bees roam around in the daytime while the moths fly around peacefully at night

The butterflies make peace with the roses, and the mantises mate in the warm, magical evening

The bees make their magical, glowing pollen on the roses

A chance of life brings the most growth in them, love brings the roses back to life, and the power of happiness

A tree sap of love has been tasted by the moon, taste with a sweet sugar of youth

A moment in love brings deep growth of light, a nature’s truth has been revealed

There is a magical blessing from the Mother Nature, with God’s love spreads joy, growth, and a sugar sweeter than ever

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