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My fifth grade years (Unfinished)

By @Lala_Land

~Moving to America~

~From the perspective of a boy named Jed!~

So when I was 6, my family moved from Japan,we moved to U.S.A in Florida.My mom was asian and my dad came from the U.S, he made a deal that for the first 6 years of my life we would live in Japan,then the rest of my life we went to the U.S. I couldn’t wait, my dad was excited and proud, and my mom was nervous but kept her cool, but I was the happiest little kid ever.Traveling on a plane , going to my dad’s loft in New York! My dad was pretty wealthy so we were pretty rich.Although I’d never been to his loft (or a new country) before, so I was so excited.

For 3 years I was homeschooled by a private teacher named Ms.Reed,my mom and dad both agreed that I should learn this country’s cultures,language,and everything I needed to feel comfortable here.While this was going on my dad was helping my mom too, and getting our citizenships.

I knew all the states and everything! I was a smarty pants.

Then I thought I was going to be homeschooled forever,but fifth grade came along……………………………………………..

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