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A Sky For Two

By @ldsdotter

For Serena

It’s nice to be just you and I,

flying through the sky;

soaring through the sea of blue

that grown-ups call the sky.


We’ve come upon a pirate’s ship,

they’ve welcomed us aboard.

We’ve met a mighty man named Zrip;

he’s offered me a sword.


We’ve sailed for about an hour,

it’s you who saw the shore;

and may I say, instead of cower:

my knees are rather sore!


The pirate ship has sailed away,

we’re standing on a cloud;

we don’t know what to do or say,

our voices are too loud.


So we lay down and go to sleep,

I wake up in my bed;

and when I try to fly with sheep,

I fall and hit my head.


That’s what happens every night,

I’ve got gold in a cup;

but you can’t see it-that’s alright.

I know you’re growing up.


I still enjoy my time with you,

and wish that you could, too;

soaring through the sea of blue

that was made for two.


by Esther Hunt ~written for Serena, who’s growing up too fast.

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