A Sinners paradise

By @Newbiwon
A Sinners paradise

Xic, a man obsessed with order goes about dictating the lives known as the scums of the Earth. Overtime he became known as The Devils Messiah in the big city of Sintropolis with an psychopath ego that no one could understand. Until they were met with a fellow member of the Serpente family who is tasked with taking down a notorious young mob boss alongside the genocidal maniac. Will they be able to tolerate each others disorderly demons and get the hit done?

Chapter 1

Sin City

Rolling rolling rolling ~Rolling till they’re dead!”

A sing song tune of hysteria rang sharply throughout the hallow walls of the claustrophobic parallel walls rusted over with freshly added scarlet brick wall paint. The clicking of elegant heels against the cracked ground of the alleyways that seemed diseased with trash strummed along the path.

Missing the underrated dumpster that was losing all its receipts due to peoples ignorance of littering and prominent lost respect for the planets well-being. To even bother keeping it clean in exchange for the home it’s provided for the filthy scum of individuals properly known as useless flesh bags. Though humans are a more polite term to establish what they really are on the outside.

Under the covet of darkness, there seems to be one large man cowering. Muttering and pleading only inconsistencies of some alien language. More likely the language of pain as hacking coughs and hoarse small grunts of agony left his charred bloodied lips. That had strings of red saliva stretching downwards due to the pull of gravity and the surplus amount of what bloodied spit he was producing via an almost toothless mouth.

Although one of his eyes we’re scarred he could still see clearly of what abominable image that he fears—No prays would never come into his presence… Stalking towards him. Watching him. 

 There in all its glory staring right back at him with an incorrigible emotion festering within those vibrant mercury eyes. The daunting picture Reflected from one of his glassy eyes that hadn’t been swollen shut. A special greeting gift from the ever so courteous, Devils Messiah, The so called priest from Hell.

Or in terms of speaking realistically Lucifer himself, turned slightly chaotic good.

But those who are close call him formally by his given name Xic. But no ones ever gotten the chance since usually they unfortunately meet their demise on the first date.

First their bodies~”

Xic continued to sing darkly with a chipper tune with every step closer towards the broken man half beaten to death. Who kept scrambling backwards until he meet with a cold wet dead end. His back pressed against something hard though he was too numb in his nerves to notice what it was as the rain painting his pathetic feeble form. He was paralyzed but there was no stopping the noticeable tremors in his hands that shook uncontrollably underneath his hyperventilating white breath.

“Second their souls~”

“W-WAIT!! Please!! Please ave mercy!” 

The man practically begged somewhat managing to grovel shamelessly on his hands and knees for a chance at a new life. A chance to change his unlawful ways and become some sort of accountant or journalist anything but what he was being targeted for right now—A Serial killer.

“Listen! Listen! Devils Messiah yer no Hero! Ya meant to be just like me and the other soulless ***********

He quickly asserted as he was promptly introduced to a scarlet custom made butchers knife that had a upside down cross spray painted lopsidedly on the base of the murder handle. Once he heard that they stopped approaching along with discontinuation of the deranged humming of horrifying verses in the parodies of kids nursery rhymes. His gums wouldn’t stop flapping words that would result in something other than his survival.

“Why’re ya wastin yer breath tryin ta be good when-AHGH ****!!”

A groan of pain made way through his sore throat as a burly knife was jabbed into his hand. When he tried to retreat the knife would proceed to twist and turn successfully cutting between any excess means of tainted flesh and tendons. That gushed uncontrollably as he cried and screeched as the middle of his hand was getting ******* mangled turning into unrecognizable soupy hole of churned mush.

“Shhhhhh~ Stop being such a baby it’s just a flesh wound!“

Xic lightly chastised at the Serial Killers reaction and rolled their eyes at the laughable and ironic display. Thinking that for a Killer having had 33 first degree murders under his belt. He would have a bit of resistance pain. Instead of acting like one of the victims he’s maimed through the head with but a single balled fist that painted the crime scene with the premature blood of a little lamb.

Who’s herd were crying and mourning over the big innocent eyes that were glazed over with the fruits of cruelty humanity seems to bear witness to all. The psychotic murder spree was all over the television stations and on almost all of the DEATH TIMES. A newspaper industry that gets off on the pestilent roaches of societies dark corners of the world and the things they do to further contaminate the peace everyone was trying to keep with the never ending madness they thrived in.


 It was an Interesting hook right? 

The Childmonger was truly a foul piece of ****. He didn’t even have the balls to confront grown ass adults so instead become a child predator-The sick ************* that he would have had much less trouble silencing his victims if they were underage. Fore when the unfortunate children were resisting, the Childmonger would use their huge frame along with beefy disgusting hands to choke the underdeveloped set of pipes exuding high pitched screams before it all ended with a sickening CRUNCH.

“Listen buddy, Childmolestor so they call it. Ya really wanna know why I enjoy making scum like you suffer? Us so called ‘soulless ********’ to be more specific?” 

 Xic cooed languidly.

” Its cause I’m particular in what people I choose to kill I’m not as tasteless as to pick up any ole scruffy boy from the streets and gut em like a fish just for the sake of them not looking exactly like your deceased little Ripper”

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