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A short story about….

By @Blackrose

A short story about Clair

This is Clair… I’m sorry you can’t see her because she is a figment of your imagination.

Clair goes to school like every other human being, she goes in with laughter and come out with dread. Many ask why she is so happy to be in school, why she enjoys the lessons that many students repeatedly say they are never going to do in the future, why she is the loudest at break and lunch, but the quietest when going up the stairs because ‘Lesson’s are still going on’, why when it’s time to leave, she is the last one to leave the place that is a prison for children but a haven for her, a place where she is stuck for eight hours listening to teachers ‘drag’ on about how important it is that they remember when Hitler came into power and about the Ghettos, or what is the difference between Huntington disease and cystic fibrosis. There is only one reason for why.

It’s not because she has no home to go to, or because her father is a misogynist and abuses his wife. It’s not because she is a geek or a nerd and finds school fascinating. It is because of one thing. The one thing teachers say that make her smile, but taken away makes Children fight or even get excluded, its the one thing that brings relief to her as the outside world has to many of them.

‘Phones away please or they will be confiscated’ 

Clair hates technology, the constant tapping of the keyboards the repetitive snapping of pictures, selfies and that that snide remark ‘I’m not vain, if no one is going to love you, you have to love yourself’. You may think Clair is just one of those activist that complain about how ‘Technology is going to bring an end to the world’ However that is not what she has against the snap chat, and the Facebook, but its simply the shame that these things bring along.


People waiting for approval over a picture that they took at the top of Big Ben standing right at the edge whilst holding a dog, just so they can get a like. Children doing stunts that they don’t even see the long term damage it will do to them. The constant idiotic challenge that become more stupid, dangerous and horrendous as months go by, The cinnamon challenge, left children coughing and spitting, sometimes it was not the brown powder that came up alone, Kyle Jenner challenge, some lips never look the same again. Putting themselves on fire because it will get people to ‘follow, ‘Like’ ‘Subscribe’.

Has this world become a place where we live to gain people’s approval over our decisions in life?

Clair thinks she has the meaning of life?

Do you agree with Clair?

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