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A Short Essay About Dr. Flug From Villianous

By @Galaxywolfgirl17

The Essay

Dr. Flug. He’s a genius scientist and inventor under the employment of Black Hat, the greatest villain of them all. Though Black Hat himself is mysterious in his own right, the doctor has a mystery of his own: what is under that paper bag?

Many have speculated on what Flug could possibly look like. Some think he has burns or scars. Others fancy him as some sort of supernatural creature. While these suggestions are probable, perhaps Dr. Flug’s appearance is not as striking as we assume.

I understand why people think he has disfiguring scars or some other cosmetic secret; why wear a paper bag over your head unless you have something to hide? But maybe all he wants to hide is his identity, no wounds in or out of sight. Dr. Flug may look like an average joe.

This isn’t a wild conclusion to make, you may say to yourself. He’s a villain, after all. Why would a methodical man like Flug want to show his face to the world, in danger of being caught? But I think there’s a little more to it than that. If you’ve seen a video on YouTube about the show Villainous’ secret website, or you’ve been lucky enough to glimpse it yourself, you may have spotted Dr. Flug’s mugshot. If you have, you’ll notice his signature bag is still on. Let’s look past the fact that the law accepted this and acknowledge that if they caught him again, his paper bag would not help him at all.

So, why not change disguises again? Why wear the paper bag at all? Maybe the reason he wears it is so that it becomes his face. He wears it night and day. When the name Dr. Flug is heard, the bag and goggles immediately come to mind. That means if he takes off his bag for good, maybe changed clothes, he would be unrecognizable. If worse comes to worse, he could disappear into the shadows, without worrying about anyone on his tail, except Black Hat, maybe. If Flug did this in reverse, and put on a paper bag as a last resort, I imagine he’d be caught rather quickly. Anyone looking for him would most likely check the man with the bag on his head. You may as well walk around with a neon sign that says, “Hey, I’m a criminal!”

But when no one knows who you are, when even those closest to you only know the man you let them see, it’s easy to take off that mask and slip into the night, as nothing but yourself. It’s a genius plan, but we expect nothing less from our Dr. Flugslys.

Well, after writing this short essay, I tried to find out how to pronounce ‘Flugslys’. I found on the Wiki that Flug is forced to wear his bag, and he hates wearing it. I’m afraid that is proof against my theory, but I had fun writing it nonetheless.

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