A Series of Selfs

By @subconscioussolicity

A Series of Selfs

By @subconscioussolicity

The first in a six part series. This follows the thoughts of someone in a society that forces citizens to enter simulations that further a better understanding of self. Our character begins to question the life they have been forced into, and sets the stage for our five other characters in the same society. All six will present a different point of view of these simulations.

Chapter 1

Part 1 - A String of Consciousness

The entire premise of these simulation days was to encourage a heightened self-awareness. To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. Philosophers have been debating this statement for what feels like an eternity. Can one ever truly ‘know thyself’ if we, our environments, and the people surrounding us are constantly changing? Doesn’t this philosophy just further encourage our egocentric culture? What does ‘knowing thyself’ truly accomplish? Honestly, I like to ask the questions, but I have trouble answering them or figuring out which side I stand on when other people answer the hard questions for me. This I know to be an unchanging fact about myself, and I do not need a simulation to know it.

            It is okay though, that I can’t make decisions, because a man who is much smarter than me and with a whole lot more power made the decisions for me. Democracy has kind of left our nation completely, or so I’ve been told. It was easy for Frank…or was is Greg? We will just go with Jim. Remembering politicians’ and or big businessmen’s names has never really struck me as important. I only need to know what they have thrown their money at that will be affecting my life. In this case, Jim and a bunch of old, cranky looking scientists created a program that somehow shows us our truest selves at that time.

            The ability to view oneself reacting to certain situations from a third person point of view was meant to create a better society. This is assuming the brainwashing and propaganda has worked its magic on us. Also produced by Jim, but this time with the help of an almost perfectly orchestrated racially and gender diverse team of politicians and businesspeople (but really what is the difference between the two these days). Not much has changed over the years in terms of what appears right to the public rather than an actually qualified person. Not that this team was not qualified. They could be some of the greatest minds of our nation, but the people actually pulling the strings were not in the public eye. Again, most of this is taken from my culturally correct and passionate friends. It’s hard for me to create an opinion of my own, but that’s why we have simulations, right? So, I can see my issues and strive to fix them.

            Whether I am speaking or writing my family, teachers, employers, and friends have always described it as a stream of consciousness. My thinking is not well organized and at times lacking a point, but totally you. Hmmm I don’t feel like ‘lacking a point’ when describing someone is a complement, but I believe that they thought it was. Usually as I’m exiting my car and walking into a simulation site (I know the name of it is so governmental sounding it’s not, I’m guessing that was the goal) these are the words that are running through my head. But I don’t think this is what Jim really wants me to focus on in the simulation, but at the same time it is what he wants me to think he wants. I know, for someone who claims to be indecisive I seem to have a lot to say about things in the world. I guess the simulations are working their magic. Really, all the conspiracy theory stuff is not usually my shtick (although I have always thought the moon landing didn’t happened how they tell us it did but I digress), but meeting Tima has really got me questioning things. I guess I just don’t really think the reasons they give us for the simulations are the real motives behind them. Who knows, my indecisive nature will probably overpower my curiosity any ways. I would never go as far as to skip a simulation; I don’t have a death wish.

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