A Safe Haven

By @Lissybabe

Chapter 1

I looked up at you. I was wrapped in your arms, naked from the waist up. I couldn’t help but smile. You asked me what I was thinking but I couldn’t possibly tell the truth. I couldn’t possibly admit that m th walls had disintegrated into a million pieces. That you had snuck inside with a single touch. So I made something up.

” Your ceiling is growing more interesting by the moment” 

I laughed. Did I really just say that? 

Suddenly I couldn’t see anymore. It was up to my senses now. You grabbed my hair and flipped me over in what seemed to be one quick movement.

I drew in my breath and suddenly it escaped again as I arched in pain. Again and again I felt your hand rub my ass, and every time it left i prepared myself, knowing what was coming. Then out of the blue I felt something different, curious. Then the image of a thick, blue cane came to mind. 

One, two, three with each hit my breath grew shorter and the moans grew louder. With that last hit I grunted. I felt bad, I wanted to tell you to stop but I couldn’t find words, like I was in a trance. 

Then like a gust of wind I was brought back into your arms. A safe haven. 

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