After finding a mysterious alter, Codee and Serenity were transformed. Later, the group slowly formed a civil war. Both Codee and Serenity fled the scene, and later, finding one of the wounded girls on their side. She had said "Alphas... we... need... your help" and she fainted. Find out the rest of the story, by reading this 8 chapter book, a sequel to the sequel. Enjoy reading!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Her friends picked her up from her apartment. She didn’t talk to any of them, rarely even looking at them. Codee started to see what Serenity had meant by Valerie was cheating on him.

Valerie stood close to every guy… except him. Codee didn’t want to believe this was happening, and didn’t want to have to go to Serenity for help. He knew that she had experience in this, and just recently it had happened to her. But he was sure she saw the note, and thought she hated him now.

Serenity glanced at Codee the most. He looked uneasy, and seemed cautious. Serenity took her mind off of him, and asked one of the others where they were going today.

“Um… Jess, where are we gonna go today?”

“Serenity, your talking again, that’s good. Um, we heard there was like, something magic in the woods, so we were curious and we’re going to see if it’s true.” She explained.

Serenity was now uneasy too. Magic? Could it have something to do with me? She followed the group, deeper and deeper into the woods.

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