A Promise

By @Agnik_Biswas
A Promise

A criminal's note to his family. The poem shows the despair in the life of a person who brings the same in other's life. He conceals from his family what he actually does and makes promises to them which he accepts that he can't keep ,cause it certainly isn't possible for a criminal to reach out to his family. He believes from his past experiences that the civilization will never do anything for him. So he denies to all their coaxing, though he knows that by this he is bringing his death close.

Chapter 1

I promise to stun you in the woods.

I make a promise of food

To those young stomachs.

I promise to follow your don’ts and do’s.

I promise to come home with new shoes

For the olds and the young’s,

And for you, your favourite songs.

When that hand up will not write so wrongs

For us.

If only I finish what I’ve been doing here.

If only with you I could share,

What all, I have been doing here.

But I don’t fear

Though it’s all about a hungry mouth,

Though it’s all about a common shout,

Cause they hadn’t understood then,

When without food I was wandering in my lane.

And now they call me insane

Cause I’ve this gun in my hand

I know that common crap

“Put your hands up”

Won’t fill the gap

In my mouth.

They say “We won’t harm”.

I ask “What were you doing?

When I was roaming in my farm.”

Without work I was feeling so numb.

I say

“You dumb And deaf,

You people never come

When I plead

When I need

When I can’t feed my kid.

And now when I have this mach in my hand

You all plead

You need

Cause you wanna feed your greed.”

They want me to sign these bonds

And bury all my wants.

I say “If you are not guilty

Come forward and meet me.

Why does your leg tremble?

Why does your face resemble

The devil inside you? ”

A promise is all I can give

But it is worth a lot to keep

Cause this world is too cheap

To get an easy sleep.

Forgive me, if I break

Forgive me, if I fake

Cause I will have to take

For our hunger’s sake.

Maybe someday they will get me by my neck

Away from you they will take

But don’t forget me

For your’s is the only hand which will shake

When they get me by my neck.

I’m writing this on my deck

To throw it in the lake

Cause I can’t give it to you

On your own stake.

I know one day the sun will shine

The hungry will dine

I don’t want my name there

I don’t even need a little share.

I just want my name inscribed

With a smile when I fade away.

By-Agnik Biswas

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