A Place Where The Lost Girls Go

By @Addi_Groce13

A Place Where The Lost Girls Go

By @Addi_Groce13

Gwendolyn Jackson is hoping a long road trip will put things in perspective for her and her friends. When their summer turns dangerous, will they ever find a place to be safe?

Chapter 1

Out Of Gas

I could already tell I made a horrible choice bringing all my friends on a road trip like this. The car had about flown of the road several times and our driver, Kelsey, was hopped up on so much coffee I think she was vibrating.

“Are we lost?” I asked, craning my neck to look at Marjorie who was holding an old paper map she had found under our dash.

“Not at all!” She responded, but I could hear nervousness in her voice, “Left.” We swerved onto a dirt road and rushed through the trees.

Tatum started blasting music from the back seat and Lily starting singing loudly (and horribly). I pulled on my clunking noise canceling headphones and took a deep breath. This was definitely going in my top ten mistakes.

The road we were on was completely dark and flat. There was nothing for miles in either direction. And the minivan was low on gas. I hadn’t seen a single person for at least eight hours. I felt sickness lash up in my stomach.

Tatum, who was sitting in the third row, propped her feet up next to my head. She sighed happily. She was always able to keep calm in the storm. It confused me.

“I am so glad we did this!” She marveled as silence started leaking into the car.

“Did what?” Marjorie asked, giving up on the map.

“This whole road trip. I wasn’t going to finish high school anyways.” Tatum said it so nonchalantly. I hated the fact that I wasn’t continuing high school. I hated the fact that not a single person in this car was going to pass the twelfth grade. But thats why this road trip was so important. We were going to get some perspective. See what we wanted to do with our lives.

I wasn’t even sure where we are. I know it had been ten hours since we filled up our tank and drove west from our high school in Olympia, Washington. Now we were flying blind down some dirt road in Washington. Or maybe Idaho.

The car suddenly let out a sputtering noise and rolled to a stop. Kelsey slammed the steering wheel and complained loudly… something along the lines of “gosh darn car”.

Lily sighed and hoped out of the car. She pulled a metal toolbox from under her seat and went to work on the hood. Tatum climbed out and leaned against the side of the car. The rest of us climbed out and stretched our legs on the side of the road.

“What are you doing Tatum?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. She was leaning against the car, looking into a handheld mirror, and applying a lick layer of lipstick.

“Like you don’t know, Gwendolyn.” She laughed, “If a police pulls up over I’m gonna need to get assistance. There is one way I know how to do that!” I sighed and leaned against the hood next to her.

Tatum had a way with people. Especially men. Cool under pressure and smooth when she needed to be. That may have been what stopped her from graduating. Nonchalance had no place in my high school.

Lily groaned again and slid out from under the car. “I think I can get us to the next service station.” She picked up a stray wrench, “Anything past that is inaccessible. Kelsey! You need to start driving like a normal person.”

“That might be asking for to much.” Marjorie and I said at the same time. Kelsey gave an indignant gasp before she downed another cup of coffee.

Suddenly, Kelsey froze and dropped her coffee cup. It hit the pavement and the lid blew off, spilling the remaining liquid onto the worn road.

“Guys! Holy ****! Get in the car!” She yelled and we didn’t ask questions. Crazy hair aside, Kelsey was our protector. We all jumped into our seats scrambling over each other and Kelsey floored the gas. The car squealed to life and rocketed down the dirt road.

“What the frick?” Marjorie said, irritable. I watched out the back window. And it may have just been me, but the air around were our car had previously been stirred with a white fog. It looked like a girl. I looked around the car.

Lily, Marjorie, Kelsey, Tatum, and me. We had everyone. But yet, somehow I felt we didn’t. I shook the strange feeling. I was tired and I had a lot of sugar in my system.

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