A Paralel World

By @LV666
A Paralel World

The story tells about a strange happening in Raine's life. One day she was in Planet Earth. And after a sleep, she goes to another place misteriously. 90% of the story created here was inside a game and its true facts. The other 10% are ficticious details.

Chapter 1

Second Life

I was adopted when i was a baby. I’m so gratefull to my parents.I actually live with my parents,a cat and a dog and.I use to work at events,but since our world have a pandemy, i can’t work outside anymore. Besides that, It was a normal day untill i suddenly fell asleep.I woke up in another place and i didn’t know where i was.Then after a while,some memories started to appear from nowhere,exactly as if i had an accident and slowly was recovering my memories.

I was born in a small village,my father told me my mother died in my birth,i used to live with my older brother and father..We moved to town and started a better life. After years,my brother died from disease and my father disapeared, people told me he died on war, my father didnt want to tell me details about my mom, when he was alive. Actually i own a castle with the money i had saved, i don’t know how,and i don’t know if i can keep living here longer. I’m Raine Alfheim Vardamir, i’m a Vampire elf,my mom was an elf and father a vampire.So here i am.

Other memories came slowly and i discovered i have a best friend in this world named Peach. Why her name is Peach? I don’t know. Besides that, i also discovered i’ve been homeless for years and dead many times. So how am i ressurrected? Well, let me tell you the whole story.

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