A Mirror of His Past Based on Ghost

By @SahasraTummala
A Mirror of His Past Based on Ghost

Ghost is a book by Jason Reynolds which has risen to popularity during the last year. It as about a boy named Castle, alias Ghost, who has a tough life. The book is about his journey where he faces problems and learns to not run away from them. The poem is about a situation in the book where he steals shoes for his track practices which leads to his coach telling him about his past.

Inspired by: Ghost

Chapter 1

A Mirror of His Past

I ain’t no robber.

I ain’t no criminal

But I acted like one.

I knew it deep in my heart and

I definitely knew it

When Coach never gave me a sweet jersey

One that was as blue as a sapphire

One that showed me my place

Instead of my jersey 

I got a crumpled piece of paper with a photo on it.

Not just any photo 

One that showed me boltin’, like Usain Bolt, away from my crimes.

Underneath it, there was a word,


I will never forget those blood-red letters.

I took a seat.

When everyone left

Coach said, “Let’s go”.

His words hurt me hard

Like a blow to my face

I sat in the front

Not a peep comin’ out of my mouth

Until I reached home.

Coach got out of the car.

He NEVER got out of the car

So I asked him why

Only to receive a frightening answer

One that made my heart pound like a drum

He said that he was goin’ to tell my mom.

NO, he couldn’t. 

Ma ain’t deserve no guilt

Because I made a stupid mistake

For some stupid shoes.

I would do anything to prevent Coach from tellin’

So I begged

And begged

And begged.

We went back to the car

And then he told me

A secret that was a caged bird trying to fly away.

It started with one simple question.

“Why you care so much anyway?”

He said that he cared for all of the team.

I said I was different

I knew I was.

Nobody else on the track team 

Had a dad who tried to kill them.

Nobody else on the track team 

Lived in Glass Manor.

Only I did.

He said that he was like me

Told me about his father

Who was a drug addict like mine

And got high all the time with no care in the world

My mouth stopped spittin’ out words.

Coach said that his dad once punched him

Just because he wanted to see the Olympics

So he worked as hard as a dog

And got a gold medal in the Olympics.

The same thing he couldn’t see on TV

He saw in real life.

His father sold his hard-earned prize

For drugs and death to visit him

Everything he worked forgone in a second.

Should Coach love his father or be ashamed?

Should I love my father or be ashamed?

I don’t know.

I will never know.

Coach gave me the final blow.

He said,

“And the same thing running did for me, I felt like it could do for you”.

It all kicked in.

Coach never thought I was going to start dunkin’ next year.

He thought runnin’ would help me. 

For him, I was a mirror of his past.

For me, he was my guide for my future.

Now, I knew that I would do whatever I could to

Remain on the Defenders track team

Because I will always be a Defender.

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