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A Memoir to my Best Friend

By @faithcichon0444


Lady Jewels Victoria Cichon. A king charles cavalier spaniel with ruby fur and the personality of a tender kitten. Her soft fur made up for her long 11 years. We got her from a breeder in 2010–the same year we got the Honda Odyssey. She was one of the smallest of the litter. She was shy yet curious, smart yet stupid. We took her home on a warm July night. Within the first week, she had peed one too many times and pooped everywhere but outside. 

She grew a liking to my mother, my older brother and me. Yet, eventually my brother left, and I had become the one lady would follow day and night. But, no matter who you were, you were considered family to her. She’s been sleeping with me for 10 of her 11 years. Either sleeping near the end of my bed or right on top of my head–always whining to get into my room, or whining to leave. 

She was the best pet there could be. She was sweet and tender, and she loved to snuggle up next to you every time you sat down. But, eventually she had gotten weaker, she couldn’t go up stairs anymore, her back legs would give out at moments, she would shake all the time, her heart was incredibly large and her eyes grew grayer and grayer. We eventually put her down March 3, 2022. 

We traveled home, not ready for the memories of her that filled the house. Scratch marks on doors from her beginning to get in, her slimy saliva stuck on the doors from her barking at passing dogs, the dog hair EVERYWHERE, her designated spot on my bed and floor, and her scent. 

Today, she’s everywhere. I see her when I look at the sky, when I close my eyes, or when I swear I saw her in the hallway. She’s everywhere, yet nowhere near, and it hurts. I love her and deeply miss her. She was the best pet a girl could have. 

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