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A Melancholy Love

By @NehaC07

My Savior

I could still smell the sweet fragrance of those lush, red roses.

The words spoken reminded me of his beautiful melodies that could only escape those lips.

The tears shed for his heart-wrenching sacrifice of his time for his loved ones can never be forgotten.

The diamond that dances on my finger, yearning to unite with its other half once again. But no matter how much my heart may ache, I have to let him go, for he is not needed here.

While I see the calm wind and the bright sunlight shine through the curtains, he sees the blood and loss of souls to the unknown, as if it would never be satisfied with the million corpses already buried in our mother land.

Yet, how can I ignore the sympathetic ‘oh no’s’ and ‘it’s alright’s’. The disturbing comments behind my back of how I have to spend my nights alone on a cold bed.

However, they could never be more wrong as my mind is still holding the delightful memories of those secret embraces and whispered kisses. Reminiscing the past gave my heart a sense of euphoria.

I hope his body finds warmth in our precious memories to help sleep at night. My mind trembles just to think of the torment and pain he must be in. And the tremors I have at night of seeing his body too still.

I don’t know when he will come home, or if he may come at all, but I do know that I could never love him less.

He is my soldier, my hero, and my savior.

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