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Poems about the Odyssey

By @Joyful17

Song of the Sea

Singing rises as waves break on ship,

Our hands on the oars, in a tight grip. 

The wind starts to howl, but the singing sings on,

As every soul yearns for the dawn.

This hearty, and loyal crew,

Are tried and tested sailors on the ocean blue.

Through battles and storms,

While enemies appeared in swarms.

Through years and perils and Troy,

Always just another island, always “Land Hoy!”

Rowing, shipwrecking, and killing, when will it end?

Does Odysseus care about his friend?

Or will I always be a nameless man?

Will my wife even recognize me through this harsh tan?

How many widows and orphans have we made?

For what cost? What have we paid?

Ropes, planks, and sails,

 Monsters instead of whales. 

How much longer have we been on these waves, when we could have been home?

Will my spirit be on an island, left alone to roam?

Will my wife ever remember me?

A poor, lonely sailor, never free?

Will justice ever come to our leader,

Will this anonymous writer ever have a reader?

Will anyone ever care about a man too loyal?

Because we were mindless to a royal?

Will my wife ever know that I loved her?

These years gone by, are now a blur.

Now Sailor host up your oar, and row on,

Leave everything behind, be a pawn.

March, fight, and sail on, don’t worry about what might be gone. 

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