A Lesson from the Snake

By @Idawrites

Chapter 1

The Bible curses it

Symbol of abominable sin

Temptation and Satan’s kin

Little do people know or ignore

What a beautiful lesson

This slithering, venom creature teaches

The art of shedding

Inactive and blue

Does become the snake

As it peels and peels

Outermost layer at its heels

But never loses its real skin

Could this be a naive

Senseless, wrong interpretation

Most frown upon animal

Might be showing a valuable lesson

Not an evil, but pure one

Not temptation but transformation

How change is good

At its worst or best

In short or long run

Just like the skin falls off

A new one is born

No stopping snake

Being itself and something else

Its still a snake

Changing into a new skin

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