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A Lament

By @Joyful17

Sometimes I question, I ask why!

At my circumstances, I moan and cry.

To You, oh God, hear my plea!

Hear this scream, answer me!

This grief washes and bleeds.

Piling, overflowing, are my needs.

Desperate, alone, oh how I feel!

My heart races, another breath I steal.

Will You come and meet me where I am?

Do You truly understand, Sacrificed Lamb?

Even if I can’t see You, are You still there?

Do You still hold me, Do You still care?

God of Jacob, in You is my song.

Though it drowns in rushing waters, it carries on.

The aching of my soul will not stop me.

To You, the only I AM, all praises to thee.

Though unseen your steps are.

Though this path leads long and far,

I will trust, I will bow,

I will listen, I will follow, starting now.

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