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A Lamb’s Cry

By @Joyful17

Cold, alone, off I wonder.

By myself in the mists of doubt.

My sins and evil I ponder.

What caused me to stray so far?

It was not worth it.

That bright, fake, idolatrous star.

Would that my Shepherd could find me.

Wrap me in His arms.

Make me, His wisdom, see.

But why would He come to save?

Would He risk all the dangers?

Could He truly be that brave?

Does He love me enough to keep me by His side?

Will He leave the ninety-nine?

Does His love flow deep and wide?

As these treacherous thoughts swim.

Footsteps on the grass sound.

My eyes with tears brim.

For there He stands in ragged glory.

His tired eyes kind and full.

His hands and side bear a story.

Tiny scars line the top of His face.

His clothes are torn and scratched.

His arms limp from his nonstop race.

“Hello, Oh Lamb that has strayed.

It is for you that I have made,

This journey long and hard.

It is for you, that I have grown so scarred.”

“Why did you question my love?

Did you really think I wouldn’t search for you under every star above?

How could I leave what I hold so dear?

When it is for you, I have shed many tears?”

At this, I cannot look into His eyes.

Why did I mistrust Him?

He who is infinitely wise.

He gently lifts me from the ground.

And carries me home again.

Murmuring comforting sounds.

So now, though I often stupidly run away.

I know I will be found.

Because He loves us strays.  

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