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A killer in the room

By @calic

Party night

Stuck! You know the feeling. You when you want to go home but you cannot. Your

anxiety hits the roof and sometimes you cannot be still. However, have you ever been

stuck in a room with a murder? Yes, you read that right a murder. Everyone in the

room becomes a suspect. Trust runs right out the door and your mind begins to race.

Who? What? Why? Am I next? Is all you hear! Slowly your eyes wonder the room in

hopes of not making eye contact to see if anyone looks remotely guilty. Who is that

woman in the red dress? Surely, I would have noticed her before now. Why does the

man in the blue jacket keep looking over here? Placing my detective hat on I look

around the room and begin to jot down some notes in my head.

Mr. Blue Jacket with the glaring eyes, let us start with you. Looking at your jacket and

suit pants that obviously are not bought together means maybe you are blue collar or

middle class. Hmmmm what brings him hear. Is he staring taking notes on my like I am

him? His green eyes feel like he is cutting right through me. I cannot even focus to

make mental notes about him. Maybe he is sizing me up to kill me next. A woman in a

long purple sequenced dress is approaching him. She pulls him in and gives him a kiss

and a long hug, as she is noticeably upset. His facial expressions immediately change

with her kiss and he appears to smile from ear to ear from the kiss yet worried at the

same time. From the looks of the dress, she is the reason Mr Blue Jacket is here. They

must be a couple. We may come back to him but for no, there seems to be no reason

for him to be the murderer.

Ms. Red Dress is definitely dressed to turn heads. Her dress is flashy and expensive.

She seems very calm to be stuck in here with a murderer alone. She is speaking to

people that speak to her but she appears as if she came alone and knows no one. She

is carrying a small pearl purse. Does not look like it is big enough to hold the gun that

was used. Could she have hidden it? Does it look like she has blood spots hidden on

her red dress? I cannot tell from here. I will take a closer glance if she moves to this

side of the room.

Mr. and Mrs. Matching green outfits seem to be very shaken yet calm. Could one of

them had done it and the other be trying to help hide it. She is crying inconsolably and

he keeps grabbing her as if he is annoyed with her. He looks anger and keeps telling

her to be quiet. Yet he is not being very quiet, as we have all noticed his voice soaring

to the top of his lungs. Where is her purse? I know that she had one earlier in the

evening as I complimented her on how ever did she match the green of her purse so

perfectly to her dress. Did she just forget to pick it up in all the commotion or did she

have to hide it?

My mind is racing as like horses around a track. Round and round it goes, I cannot

even get keep up with all my observations. Do I mention them to the police when they

ask? What if they think I did it and trying to convince them to believe someone else

did? Now my heart is racing and I am very panicked. Then I hear my name in a loud

voice being called in for questioning. I cannot even move. I slowly make myself move

towards the officer as my gut is wrenched and head to answer the questions I have no

answers for. I pray deep inside that before they even ask they find the murder of Mr. Jones.

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