A fate that may not be Comforting

By @CosplayCatCriminal
A fate that may not be Comforting

You accomplished it. Your goal. Your life existence. Purpose. And all you feel is nothing but seething cold numbness

Inspired by: New Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony

Chapter 1

A fate that may not be Comforting

NULL had been overlooked her entire life, fading into the background.


She had a chance to be who she wanted, who she’d been admiring her entire life.


NULL would be, no, is a perfect carbon copy of the original mastermind.


No, she’d be better.


NULL is Junko Enoshima


Her entire existence led up to this moment.


So as she reveals herself as the fated Mastermind

As she sees the fear and betrayal in her “classmates” eyes.


As she perfectly portrays the moment her existence is meant for.


Why did she feel nothing at all?

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