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A Fairy tale in the Making

By @LadyofAthens

Once Upon a Time, in a land far away there lived a Prince by the name of Cailean. This prince stood tall among his fellow men, had broad shoulders, dirty blonde short cut hair, and green eyes with streaks of gold woven in. Women both royal and peasant alike fawned over this prince for he also had the kindest of hearts.

The prince entrusted himself to personally train his armies. Everyday he’d call his men to the training yards to inspect and train everyone from his generals to the newest recruits. His men adored him and learned well his teachings, his troops were the best in all the lands.

One day a messenger burst through the throne room doors. He sprinted to Prince Cailean’s feet and dropped to one knee bowing his head in reverence, “Sir I have news from the Northern kingdom.”

“Well what is it?” Prince Cailean asked with immense curiosity.

“Their Princess has gone missing. They’ve suspected the witch Noira to have taken her hostage.” The messenger uttered in a babbling mess.


Prince Cailean cocked his head in slight confusion, “Which Princess messenger…the Northern kingdom has three?”

The messenger bowed his head in dismay, “Princess Pandora sire.”

Prince Cailean tensed, “Ready my horse…I leave immediately.” Prince Cailean started to storm out of the throne room when his highest ranking general and best friend stepped out in front of him shocking the Prince and forcing him to stop.

“Cailean you’re not doing this alone.” Sir Axel spoke just under his breath.

Prince Cailean’s jaw tightened even more and he squared his shoulders uncomfortably. ” Whether you like it or not I am accompanying you if nothing more than to ensure your safe return.” Sir Axel said with every last bit of courage he could muster together.

Prince Cailean’s shoulders dropped, he groaned, then nodded, “Ready Sir Axel’s horse as well.” Then the two left the throne room and readied themselves for their quest.

“Axel I’ve told you time and time again not to stop me like that…” Prince Cailean paused and Sir Axel lowered his head. “But thank you for not making me go alone.” Prince Cailean smiled and quickly hugged Sir Axel making his smile return.

Throwing his pack over his shoulder Prince Cailean strutted out of the room toward the stables, “Now let’s go…we’ve got a princess to rescue.”

Sir Axel grabbed Prince Cailean’s shoulder spinning him back toward him, “Uh, Cailean what’s the big deal about this particular princess? Don’t deny that there’s something up I saw how you reacted to Pandora’s name. Do you know her?”

Prince Cailean’s shoulders dropped, “Princess Pandora and I have known each other for a very long time and frankly I have grown quite fond of her. If anything were to happen to her……I’d be crushed.”

Sir Axel lifted his pack, “Well then…let’s go save your Princess.” Sir Axel laughed heartily as he walked toward the stables.

Trumpets announced their exit and they rode toward the evil Noira’s lair. Once the palace was out of view they slowed their horses to a trot and looked forward toward the menacing forest that lie ahead of them. “The Noir Forest, the darkest one in all the eight kingdoms, I can just feel the evil presence that breathes from within its branches.” Sir Axel shivered uncomfortably.

Prince Cailean sat up in his saddle, and took a deep breath, “Well what better place to start our search. Onward Sir Axel our quest begins here.” Then they galloped into the Noir forest, the canopy so thick it blocked out even the bright noonday sun.

Hours seemed to pass as the two noble men made their way through the dense trees. There was no sign of the forest ending. But out of the corner of Prince Cailean’s eye he saw a cloaked figure. He pulled on the reigns, urging the beast to a halt, and squinted trying to see the shadowy figure more clearly.


The figure was definitely human, but as he tried to get a closer look it seemed to disappear into the nothingness that which it came.

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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