A Faerie Story

By @EBartlett

A Faerie Story

By @EBartlett

After being captured by his younger brother, Dark Faerie prince Daemon Fae is tasked with protecting a human town. But Daemon soon learns that this insignificant town may have more danger that he thought, and it will take all his power to save it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

This class was boring. I had read about this class over the summer, and had understood everything then. It was only World History, quite simple to memorize. Now 4 months in to the school year, we’re still going over the things we learned a month and a half ago. I leaned my chair back against the wall, my feet off the floor. Mr. Chad, my teacher, didn’t notice – or didn’t care, he was too busy writing about the discovery of the Americas. Mr. Chad droned on and on and on, and it seemed like he never stopped for a breath. I just want this class to be done already!

I don’t even know why I want to go to my next class, P.E., where I have to fake being average, and put up with the class bully, Drew Brown, also known as my constant annoyance. I’m not scared of him, no, far from it, he’s the one that should be scared, but I have to act like his bullying affects me. But I can’t just stand up to him, people will notice me. I’ll be the guy who stood up to Drew. My main goal at this school was to get these last two years of highschool over with, to move on with my life. Maybe move to western Washington and live in the country, in my own house, surrounded by acres of forest. I snorted to myself, if only that could happen. Most likely I would stay in this small excuse of a town until I was released from my sentence. I was supposed to stay in this town for 100 years, watching over it to make sure no other Dark Faeries caused trouble in this part of Washington state.

There are two different kinds of Faeries. The Light Faeries who watch over the earth, making sure all of the animals and life live peacefully with each other. They are the current rulers of the Faerie world, ruling with an iron fist with the Council of Light. Dark Faeries are the opposite. We don’t destroy the world, but we definitely don’t protect it either. We’re the ones in the middle of the night, flickering your lights as you walk to get a glass of water, knocking over a vase when the nearest person is 5 feet away. You could say that while the Light Faeries are out to keep all life safe, they are quite strict and uptight about it, no fun whatsoever. Dark Faeries on the other hand, like to live life with a little fun. Causing trouble just happens to be an unfortunate side effect. We scare the humans sure, but humans like to be scared sometimes. They go to freaking haunted houses with ghosts and ghouls jumping out at them. It’s not like we kill them or anything, not anymore at least.

500 years ago, 100 years before I was born, the Council of Light took over the Faerie world. They shoved out the Council of Dark, who ruled beside them fairly and equally, only because they were Dark Faeries. Ever since then, Dark Faeries have been caught and ‘reformed’ by the Light Faeries. The Council takes our crowns – iron rings that serve as the power source of our magic – and break them in half. They hide one half away and hold the second with them until the owner of the crown agrees to whatever deal the Council makes with them. It’s that or lose the crown forever, and all Faeries know that a Faerie without magic isn’t a Faerie anymore. My deal was lose my crown, or stay in this town for a hundred years, watching over it and keeping it safe. The town is right at the center of a ley line network, making it a prime spot for summoning beings from the Otherworld to use to scare humans. It’s weird, the Council makes such a big deal about making sure they have all the Dark Faeries, but when they do get us, we’re only in their power for a century. I shrug, I’ll figure that one out when I get there.

The bell finally rings, bringing my consciousness back out of the good old days. The Council forbids the ‘reformed’ Dark Faeries from using our magic for ‘bad’ purposes, we can only use it to cast protection spells and keep our glamour up so the humans don’t see our pointed ears and eyes shaped like a cats.

I pick my bags off the ground and head off to the gym. I pass Drew as I weave through the hallway but he doesn’t see me. I have a small glamour up around my which makes human eyes slide right past me. I don’t want people to remember me, people who remember are bad because in 50 years if I run into them again, I won’t look a day over 17 while they’ll look old. The glamour is nice to avoid detection, but bad because people walk right into me. I suppose I don’t have an excuse for that though, I am going through the hall practically invisible.

I walk into the boys locker room and slide into one of the stalls to change into the P.E. uniforms. Most boys change out in the main part of the locker rooms, but I can’t do that. One of the facts about Faeries that humans get right most of the time is that we have wings. Light Faeries have delicate butterfly wings, each one unique, blah blah blah, the stereotypical wings you would think of for a Faerie, and Dark Faeries usually have some sort of birds wings. Mine are a peregrine falcons wings, long feathers that help me fly. They’re huge wings, a taller than me when I stand up straight – and I’m 6’4” after all. Faeries can hide their wings in their bodys when we are among humans, but whenever they are inside us, they leave a tattoo on our back of what they look like. I keep my wings hidden most of the time now, it’s hard to keep up a glamour hiding wings all day, someone would notice them eventually. Also, because I am ‘16’ years old at this school, and human, I’m not legally allowed to have a tattoo, so I change in the stalls to avoid having to change in front of the other boys and letting them see my tattoo.

When I’m done changing, I listen to hear if Drew is out there. I can hear Drew talking with his football buddies, his voice is loud, bragging about how much weight he lifted at the gym. I slip out of the stall and put away my stuff, leaving the locker rooms to head to the gym. Drew is half changed, his shirt off but his pants on. It’s amusing how humans must work to keep in good shape. One of the advantages of being a Dark Faerie. We are always in peak condition, a result of being the discriminated race for thousands of years. It’s better to be able to fight anytime, anywhere, then having to make sure we aren’t caught unawares sleeping in our beds. The Light Faeries are a different matter, they’ve let themselves go completely. It’s really rather sad with some of the elders.

I stand in the gym, waiting for the rest of the class to hurry up and change. I’m glad that the school P.E. uniforms aren’t that bad. They’re cotton, and they don’t itch that much, which is nice in the summer when it’s hot out. Watching the other students wander in, looking down at their phones or chatting with a buddy, I sneer softly. What a primitive species, I don’t see why the Light Faeries adore them so much. From their long- or short, gangly body’s and pimpled filled faces, what stood out from any other animal on this planet?

“Hey Fay!” A voice sneers.

I closed my eyes briefly, composing myself. I needed to stay calm, it was only an insignificant human after all, right?

“What do you want Drew?”

“For you to move, weirdo.” It’s hard not to roll my eyes at him. His nicknames for me are primitive and unoriginal.

“And where would I go?”

“Not here. Now scram!”

I look at him for the first time, me looking down on him. I’m taller than him by at least 3 inches, but he seems to assume that because he’s as big as a bull, and strong as one too, he could take me in a fight. He’s completely wrong about that, Faeries are totally superior in every way, but humans often underestimate us because we happen to not look like we’re strong or fast.

I smirk at him but move on, “Fine, if that’s what you wish.”

He glares at me, I can feel it on my back as I walk away. I don’t care, he got what he wanted. He’ll get what’s coming for him someday. Drew won’t know what hit him when I get my crown back.

I wander over to where our gym teacher is sitting.

Mr. Zyggiwawa (Mr. Z for short) was a stout, plump man in his early 40’s with a balding head and a thick brown mustache. He always was chewing something – gum I think – and sitting in his swivel office chair, and rarely looked up to watch us during class. At least it was an easy A.

“What are we going to do today, Mr. Z?” I ask politely.

He blinks blurrily and looks up at me. “Huh, what?”

“What are we going to do today, Mr. Z?” I said again.

He lifts his hand limply and gestures to the doors leading outside. “It’s a sunny day, why don’t all of you guys just head out and play kick ball or something.” He returns his hand to his stomach. “Call me if one of you starts to bleed.”

I roll my eyes as I walk away. I head out the doors to the hot sun, not caring if others follow me or not.

Some do go outside, the jocks bringing a football, but most of them just wander out, their heads looking down at their phones. I walk to the tree outside of the school and sit down on the grass, content just to observe the humans. Drew catches my eye and sneers at me, as if that would make me afraid of him. I scoff in return and his face darkens, but he doesn’t come up to me so I don’t care.

Halfway through the period, when I’m just about to fall asleep leaning against the pine tree, I hear wings flapping overhead, long powerful whooshes moving the air. I groan in annoyance.

Casting a glamour to make it seem like I’m still sitting against the tree, I hide myself and let my wings out. Getting up, I fly in the air to meet whoever it is that decided to test my protective wards. I groan again when I find out who it is.

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