By @NancyWrites


By @NancyWrites


Chapter 1


A Poem by NANCYLL.

I am blind in love

And I can’t change that

There’s a peculiar dove

Coming close to where I’m at.

Will it show me a message with hope.

My heart beats for someone

But I don’t know if he’s a good rope.

I want to hear a unique love song.

Flying towards me it pecks my cheek.

Feels more like a kiss

How divine it is to feel it’s golden beak.

A beautiful priceless moment I wouldn’t want to miss.

Sustained to the way it dances

I just can’t control my smile

Watching swiftly how it prances

As I stare for a while,

On it’s lovely wide wings

Relaxing to the way it sings.

Whispering as we bond together,

I wish you were a real prince,

I’d love you forever

With a heart filled in aroma incense.

That would surround you like never.

My heart innocently speaks,

Carrying true love for so long

Waiting to see who is worthy for keeps.

Dreaming of that one that I do belong

Please take me away my precious

To a place where it’s just us.

In that very instant,

I see a huge mist,

Prolonging to seem constant.

As I feel hands gently touch my wrist.

What’s this, what’s this?

Legs start appearing and arms do too.

The fog doesn’t allow me to see well

Astounded by seeing what’s in the blue.

Who is this man, it’s hard to tell?

I can now see his face

The beauty in his eyes

That shines the whole place.

I’m in mystery of what in him lies.

Who are you?

I am Prince Evastence.

Who was casted by someone so cruel

That envied my presence

Turned me to a dove, and not knowing what to do.

Only true love could break the spell

I Realized that when I saw your beautiful humble heart

Loving me as I am before I did unveil

Now here as a man to never from you part

I’ll also love you

For eternity always will

Because I felt your words to be true.

Your lips I wanted to feel.

She cries as she couldn’t believe

Is this truly real?

Yes my lady and I will never leave.

Let our hearts secretly seal.

A dance, shall we?

Dancing a romantic waltz

That inspires through the night

They suddenly give a pause

As the moon shines bright.

Mesmerized as they stare

They start to caress

As he lightly plays with her hair.

May I take you with me my princess?

She gives him a smile once more

He quickly Hints her answer, and begins to kiss her.

The moon sheens strongly and they as well on the floor.

Wings adorn onto to them as holding one another.

Tiny stars fill the premise.

As milky pale they turn

Silky feathers mount their visage

Creating chanting waves that churn.

The night shadows tries to creep in with ease

While two hearts now fully embrace.

Before they can even breathe……..

Darkness fails, as they vanish without a trace.

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