A Defining Moment In My Life (Edit)

By @Jaderade

A Defining Moment In My Life (Edit)

By @Jaderade

Chapter 1

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A defining moment in my life for me would be when I started learning how to play the bass. Music is a way to combine organized sounds to create a beautiful form of emotion, expression or harmony.

After learning bass I took orchestra all through middle school along with jazz band, and I even was asked to join band as a string instrument. Everyday I went in an hour before school to practice my bass and help others. I was really popular at that point in time for my involvement in music (and all of my many other activities) and was even voted best musician. I remember when I won an award my eighth grade year only 2 students were able to get (1 being me) and receiving a wooden plaque for my hard work, skill, and dedication to music from my music teacher.

“To play a wrong note is insignificant

to play without passion is inexcusable” -Ludwig Van Beethoven

When I started high school music helped me go to Central through the arts magnet program by being an orchestra emphasis and while I was here I have preformed in jazz 2, symphony orchestra, music clc, and other music groups or invited to preform in other music groups like pep band and marching bands or student/teacher made groups. At this point in time I even have been educating myself on other skills in music and how to play other instruments such as piano, and I still continue to challenge myself throughout my playing while being passionate about music. Music has been a very defining part of my life along many other of my activities and has taught me that having dedication and love for it and other things has brought me very far and defined me.

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