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Hard Findings

By @Grallingbo

This was what jealousy felt like.

    Abysmal, destructive, corrupted jealousy that eventually swelled up into a lethal system of emotions. It would become a flurry of thoughts that crashed into one another, unintentionally combining sentences and forming cruel attacks upon the people he hated most. This pandemonium conceived the worst of him just within words, and these utterances threatened to inflame his soul.

    Yet despite this, Bennett felt like he was burning all along.

    Every time he set his eyes on them, his body temperature erupted into a furious warmth, emitted straight from his very heart, mind, soul. Every inch of his body screamed more than just threats, yet Bennett refused to let any of those words come out of his mouth.

    Snap her neck! Shut her up and silt her throat! Shove a pen through her ear drums so she can’t even hear herself speak anymore!

    Who was Bennett kidding? It wasn’t just her, after all.

    It was at least 21 more.

    The people around him laughed and joked, their grating voices scratching at the back of Bennett’s throat. All of these people… he hated them. All of them. He hated being lonely, hated the isolation but

Who was there to turn to here, Bennett? To your left, to your right, behind you and in front of you are people you know but don’t care about. All of this pent-up anger, all of this gathering jealousy, all of this crumpled disgust towards these cretins…

Why bother?

Why are you suffering through it?

What is the point?

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