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Hard Findings

By @Grallingbo

Bennett refused to see his decision as foolish.

A decision made out of selfishness, of undignified hatred, of… pure devilish intent, even. Despite all of the above being what the decision truly was, he didn’t want to see it that way.

He’d learned himself good lesson a while ago that went, “If you have to rethink a choice of your’s you shouldn’t have made that choice in the first place.” And in shameful, painful irony, here he sat at his desk pondering over his choice as furiously, he bawled. The tears that silently trailed down from his eyes was proof alone of how far his denial has driven him to the edge.

He knew, in his own feelings, that he had made the right decision. Yet, it was the people that surrounded her, Bennett’s most hated, that fueled his unfortunate guilt. That stinging fear of being disliked, revered, and mocked by people he once knew and still know to this day kept tearing at the weak seams holding his mind together. Those once smiling faces turned upon him, demeaning him all because of a woman who hasn’t even been working at the Foundation for more than a month.

I brought her into the light, I introduced her to all these people, I helped her through so much… she doesn’t deserve me! Really, her type doesn’t deserve anyone! Yet, here she is, at the top among all of these others.

Including me.

She doesn’t deserve this power. This power of being able to rock with a group that has such immense strength. This power of being able to knock anyone down and cause a ripple effect in their life, ruining it as you eventually turn everyone against them. I’ve had this power longer than her, and I know how to control myself.

Chances are, she’s gonna tear my life down after what I did. Obviously, I can’t let her do that. Not ever, after everything I’ve done up to this point.

There’s only one way to keep yourself from being pushed off the top.

You push back.

But harder.

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