A day out in Rains.

By @Abhishek_Bhardwaj
A day out in Rains.

This is my story of a day well spent with my friends and why i love rains even more now.

Chapter 1

The beautiful rainy day.

It was a beautiful rainy day.The type of day that starts with all of the positivity of universe showering upon you when you are still in the bed. As i got out of bed i was feeling happy and optimistic for no reason, which seems to be a good thing. I was feeling that i should get out of the house and just admire the beautiful day. So i did.

I didn’t shower that day and went out wandering and loving every little thing of this planet. And as i went further i thought i should accompany myself with my best buddy so i called up AKASH and told him to come downstairs as i was about to reach his home. I took him with me and we both were moving around in our city just loving the weather.

After walking for 15 minutes we both came to a conclusion that we were walking for no reason. But still we went on further in search of that reason as neither of us wanted to go back home.

And finally we got the reason; we should go to ANAY’s place and call him out, and we did exactlt the same.

So now there were the three of us standing in this beautiful rainy weather talking about the old times and laughing over the memories we had.

The air was a bit cold and even colder for me as all i was wearing was shorts and a t-shirt.

And then ANAY stared walking.

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